Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.









Math is fun and it is contagious! With this concept Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East celebrated the World Math Day on 4th March 2020. To build the excitement for this day children in the primary section were encouraged to bring math-themed games, props and riddles to be shared and played in their respective classes.

Std 1 Things Around Us- The class was divided into four groups according to the houses. The teacher gave them sheets for writing the answers. The teacher gave them 10 numbers and the children had to guess the things in the class which corresponded to those numbers. 

Std 2 The children were divided into 8 groups and asked to play games on multiplication, addition, subtraction, what comes after, before and in between. 

Std 3 Children exhibited models, charts, slogans related to Math. They took great pride in participating in quizzes and problem-solving games. They played and worked for hours on open-ended board games viz. snake and ladder in form of four mathematical operations using coins and dice, pack of cards, building blocks for skip counting, spin-d-wheel for place values, clay for 3-D shapes etc.

Std 4 An activity was conducted in Area and Perimeter in groups of 5. Students were taken to the garden and were given different assignments, comprising of measuring the gate, slides, jungle gym and Monkey bar using 1 mtr lengths of ribbon. They measured the length and breadth of the assigned equipment and calculated the Area and Perimeter in groups using the formulas based on the shape of the equipment. They also measured the length and breadth of the corridor and calculated the perimeter.

The class teachers facilitated and guided the students as and when required. They enjoyed the outdoor and indoor activity and understood the application of the concept in real-life situations.  This play-way method not only created awareness and enthusiasm but also conveyed the message that math is everywhere in our day to day life. The purpose of this activity was to drive away from the fear of Mathematics and instead, develop a love for numbers.



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