Mr Rishabh Kumar from Std. 1-C, V.C.W. Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra (E) participated in an essay writing competition organised by CSMVS –the Children’s Museum Competition.

With great pleasure, we share that he won the 2nd prize in the Essay Competition for the age category 6-10. The topic was ‘Values for the future that I learnt during the challenging times of the lockdown’. Rishabh beautifully penned his thoughts about COVID 19 pandemic and wrote how grateful he feels to have his parents around all day and also that he has learnt a few things, playing chess being one of them. He also believes that we Indians will soon defeat this virus and teach it a lesson.

Rishabh’s thoughts give us a sense of hope, and positivity, something which we all should have within us during such times.

A well-deserved certificate and a goody bag will be handed over to him later, by CSMVS.

Rishabh, we are very proud of your achievement and wish you success in everything that you do.

Keep it up!

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