The end of an academic year brings along some heart warming farewells, with tiny hands that lovingly embrace us teachers, while we receive the warmest hugs from our adorable tiny tots…and the sweetest sounds we can hear is when that little voice tells us “teacher I love you and will miss you” . That’s when we know, our efforts for the year have paid off well and we share that unbreakable bond of love and care that goes way beyond the boundaries of simply books and the classroom. The teachers decided to end the year on a truly high note by arranging for a Sounds of Music session for parents and children. The parents had to first show their creativity by making a musical instrument along with their children using the concept ‘Best out of Waste’ . They were then made to experience a music and movement session with activities like ‘enacting a situation‘ and Listen and Move‘. The day ended with a selfie corner wherein the parents could spend some time to capture moments of joy with their tiny tots. It was a day filled with music, fun, laughter and joy for children, parents and teachers alike. Parents witnessed an amalgamation of music, craft and dance wherein they were able to bond and spend quality time with their children.





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