House System

One of the main objectives of the House System is to foster in the student a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity at the same time kindling and developing the social qualities latent in every student through healthy competitions among the four Houses in G.K., Debating, Sports etc. Each House is headed by a House Mistress/House Master (a teacher), a Prefect and a Vice-Prefect (Students).

The Head Prefect is in-charge of the Prefects and the Games Captains are in charge of co-ordinating sports activities among the student body.

The system of Prefect Body, managing the four houses, helps to develop a spirit of team work, co-operation, co-ordination and inculcates a sense of responsibility.

From the galaxy of our ancient sages we have chosen the four house patrons viz. Patanjali, Dronacharya, Ved Vyas and Chanakya’s they were original thinkers in various fields like Yoga, Art of Military Science, Philosophy, State-Craft and Economics.

Members of each of these Houses are inspired to follow the precepts of these great ‘Mahants’ which are epitomised in the following words.

Patanjali – Purity of mind

Dronacharya – Steadfastness

Ved Vyas – Generosity & Humility

Chanakya – Perseverance


The Patanjali House

Sage Patanjali is the father of Yoga-Shastra. He presented the complete art and Science of mental/physical and spiritual health in his ‘Yogadarshan’. A great grammarian Sage Patanjali also wrote Mahabhashya, a monumental commentary on Panini Sutra.


The Dronacharya House

Although a Brahmin, Drona, rose to become the greatest of all teachers in the art of Military Science. He taught archery to the Kauravas and Pandavas. Invincible in battle, he commanded the Kaurav armies after Bhishma’s death.


The Ved Vyas House

Venerated as the Guru of all Gurus, Ved Vyas which means Master of the Vedas, is the author of the great epic Mahabharat which he wrote to revive the studies of the Vedas.


The Chanakya House

The “Arthshastra” is still considered to be a master piece in the Art of Government. Chanakya was the Chief advisor to Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and was responsible for the dynamic progress and prosperity of the Mauryan period.


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