Vageesh Swaminathan, standard 4 C, is on a winning streak. The young chess champion is not letting anything dampen his spirit, not even the lockdown. From the safe precincts of his home, Vageesh has gathered his laurels in various online tournaments.

  1. 16thrank with prize money in U-11 category of 2nd Fettle Cup-National Online tournament (4th – 16th May 2020) conducted by Bangalore team.
  2. 2ndPosition in ELO rating category( ELO 1600-1799) conducted by Chess for charity by Sharada Shiromani Foundation(21st May 2020).
  3. 9th position in Sudeep Dada Chakote’s Birthday-Below 2000 Online Chess Tournament held on   2nd  June 2020.
  4. Won many tournaments held by Matrix online –Gujarat based Online chess team during the lockdown.

Vageesh will donate his prize money to the lockdown affected temple priest’s children’s education in Pondicherry.

The young champion makes the right moves off the chessboard too!

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