Marathi Diwas

Marathi Diwas was celebrated on 27th February, 2020 in our school. It began with a lezim display and ‘dindi’, depicting the traditional celebratory dance and display of Maharastra. It was performed in the Atrium by the students of grade 4 and watched by the whole school, from the corridors. After the lezim, students assembled in the Kyan room to watch a special entertainment program. A few students of grade 5 spoke about the Marathi author and poet, V.V.Shirwadkar, popularly known as Kusumagraj. They gave important information about Kusumagraj’s contribution to Marathi literature. Students of grade 1 performed a dance to the song “Sheptiwalya pranyanchi”. A small skit was presented by the students of grade 5, which focused on saving the environment and the lives of the animals.

The group song titled, ‘Say no to Plastic’ was sung. It was a translation of the famous Hindi song which was specially written for the day. The students of grade 2 sang it beautifully and spread the message convincingly. Students of grade 5 compered the event. 

The students were trained by Sudhakar Gavhane, Nilambari Ms, Rajashree Kargutkar, Smita Ms and Vrinda Datar. A beautiful backdrop was prepared by Manali Bhandare. 

It was an excellent display of Marathi culture with a powerful message to save our environment so that every creature can live in harmony.

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