The Inter-House Choral Recitation Competition was held on the 30th of January 2020 for the students of the Primary Section. Students of Std. I & II presented the poem, ‘My Busy Day’ and Std. III & IV presented the poem, ‘All the World is a Rainbow.’

The judges for the competition were: Ms. Neha Charania and Ms. Shilpi Mehra. The comperes for the event were Ms. Stuti Dikshit and Ms. Mehr Kaur from standard II.

Each group present their poems creatively and were distinctively different. Incorporating voice modulation, pitch, expression, actions, intonation, and variation into their performances made the event enjoyable and unique.

It was a wonderful experience for every student as every child participated in this team event.

The winners were announced by the subject-head, Ms. Serena Fonseca which were as follows:

Position Std 1 & 2 Std 3 & 4
First Dronacharya Dronacharya
Second Patanjali Chanakya

Std. 1 & 2

Std. 3 & 4

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