The Environmental Studies week for the students of Std. I and II was held from 22nd to 26th July, 2019. The topic for the week was ‘Spirits of the Deep’. 

The students were engaged in multifarious activities to ensure an enriching learning experience for all the learners. 

Some of the activities planned for the week were virtual tours, puppet show, sea animal food chain, life cycles of various sea animals, ocean animal adaptation, venn diagram on predator v/s pet sea animals, ocean pollution awareness, making of a sea animal pen stand and finger puppets. 

The Hindi puppet show presented by the class teachers of Std. I and II was based on the value of friendship. It not only encouraged students to forge a stronger bond of friendship with their peers but so helped them build on their Hindi vocabulary. 

Mrs. Devendramitta, mother of Rishan Devendramitta from II A was invited as a resource person to shed light on the ‘Ocean Zones’ and the various sea animals found in these zones. The students also did a follow up worksheet where they coloured the ocean zones and identified animals found in these zones. Mrs. Jain, mother of Vaanya Jain from  I C enlightened the students about sea animals.

The week not only enhanced the students knowledge about sea animals but also sensitized them towards endangered sea species. It was truly a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience for one and all.

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