At AVM, we believe in the adage, ‘Catch ‘em young’. Imagine Standard 1 and 2 students auditioning for recitation and then practicing in groups of 20 for the Inter House Choral Recitation competition. They are trained to be stage worthy right from the outset.

Standard 3 and 4 students auditioned and practiced for their houses almost like veterans, goading each other to give their best.

Standards 1 and 2 recited the poem ‘Try, Try, Try Again, while Standards 3 and 4 recited ‘King Canute’.

The rehearsals began a fortnight ago. Following House-wise selections, participants worked on their diction, expression, action and presentation which were the criteria for judging the competition. On the final day, August 16, they dressed neatly, marched up to the stage smartly and recited their assigned poems in perfect unison.

Judges for the competition were Ms. Alisha Kanakia and Ms. Seema Kambli.

Dronacharya House bagged the first prize while Patanjali House walked away with the Second Prize for standards 1 and 2.While Vedvyas House stood first, and Dronacharya House stood second for standards 3 and 4.
It was a delightful display of team effort and talent.
The prizes were given away by the Principal Designate; Mrs. Damanjit Kaur Sabherwal.The event was coordinated by Ms Sharmila Bagchi and Ms. Nita Chowdhury, under the guidance of Ms. Namrata Daswani, Subject Head-Primary Section.

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