Engaging Minds Club’ –  Science and Nature Games activity was conducted on 18th, 19th and 20th December. The topic  stimulated the minds of the children in an intriguing way. The games played not only refines their fine motor skills, they also enhance their decision making ability. These games also develop their reasoning skills as to why the experiment is not happening and makes them believe in their ability to try again.

Learning is always fun with play and hence such kind of interactive games helps develop a child’s ability to manage positive and negative outcomes. It is an important aspect of brain development as they help acquire logical and reasoning skills, boost critical thinking and gain spatial reasoning.

They play a crucial role in a child’s development and growth as it involves hands on learning experience. It enables the child to see how the world works.

All the activities were arranged in the Play Area. Following games were created:

  1. Fun with Magnets where children were given fishing rods and were asked
    to observe the magnetic attraction.
  2. Fun with shells had pictures which children fill in with pista and sea shells.
    This activity enhances their artistic skills of how one can create an art from things found in nature.
  3. Fun with Bubbles has children blowing bubbles with soap water.
    Blowing bubbles helps a child to coordinate their lips, cheeks, and jaw with airflow. This activity helps the children understand the science behind bubbles.
  4. Fun with water has float and sink.
    This activity enhances a child’s analytical skill and reasoning skill.
  5. Fun with Nature for this corner children explored the garden and picked up stones
    twigs and leaves and then segregated them in the boxes and also created a
    picture with the materials found in nature on art sheets

Specific Objectives of Science and Nature games:
• Offer opportunities for early learning through exploration
• Boost their reasoning skills
• Increase the attention span
• Soothe anxiety
• Teach the value of teamwork
• Show kids to learn from their surroundings
• Provide a tool for environmental connection.

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