The Pre- Primary section celebrated Ganpati on 9th September 2019. Children were dressed in traditional Maharashtrian wear. The entire room was decorated beautifully with flowers and other decorations to enhance the festive mood.
The significance of the Ganpati festival was shared through a dramatization by the Pre-Primary teachers explaining the significance of the festival. The use of eco- friendly Ganpati idols and an appropriate way of immersing the Ganpati idol without harming the environment was shared with all the children. The teachers had sculpted a Ganpati idol using clay to emphasise on eco-friendly celebration and visarjan. The teachers mentioned about noise pollution, water pollution and importance of protecting the environment.
Attractive power point presentation and festive music enhanced the celebration. Children were enthralled to see teachers perform on a peppy song related to the festival.

Children enjoyed it whole- heartedly and learned the value of respecting the deity and saving the environment. They took back beautiful activities related to the festivities.


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