The abacus is no longer a child’s counting frame. Rather this ancient calculating tool has now emerged as a numeric ability enhancing device. Students are enthusiastically pursuing abacus calculations.

The primary students of Arya Vidya Mandir – Juhu School have been crunching numbers with abacus; and they participated in the District Level Abacus Competition conducted on 8th and 15th December 2019, by Whizz Kidzs recently and won prizes galore. They came up trumps and the winners’ list reads as:


Natalya Anand                   2 C         1st Prize

Raghav Varshneya            3 A          1st Prize

Reyaansh Yadav               1 C         Consolation Prize

Anvita Samant                   1 C         Consolation Prize

Gyan Nagrecha                  2 A         Consolation Prize

Ruhan Prabhudesai           3 B         Consolation Prize

Niklas Joseph                    3 B         Consolation Prize

Aayush Poudwal                3 C         Consolation Prize

Uma Desai                         3 C          Consolation Prize

Shaunak Kanavia               4 C          Consolation Prize

Shlok Jain                           5 C         Consolation Prize


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