Christmas Day was celebrated on 24th December, 2019 in the Yoga Hall. The hall was decorated beautifully reflecting the spirit of Christmas festivity. Teachers shared the significance of Christmas through a musical dramatization along with Christmas carols and by Santa Claus. Children were intrigued to see how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The value of caring, sharing and environmental conservation was inculcated effectively through the skit. Children then joined in the revelry and danced on Christmas songs.

Principal ma’am Ms Damanjit Kaur Sabherwal also was a part of the Christmas celebration along with all the Pre- Primary teachers.

Children looked resplendent in their colourful party wear and Christmas accessories. They were excited to take home a beautiful reindeer card imprinted with a beautiful message:

Let’s discover the joy of giving this Christmas season
Be kind and share for this special and joyous reason.

They were exhilarated getting sweets from Santa in their classes. Children went home with beautiful memories promising their teachers that they would imbibe the values inculcated through the festival.
Children enjoyed the Christmas celebration whole heartedly and danced merrily to end the year on a happy note.

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