At the Inter School Team Chess Championship held at Jogeshwari, Mumbai from 18 – 21 December, 2019 both the teams from AVM Juhu lifted the championship trophy for respective categories.

Team comprising Anvee Khanolkar, Prisha Kesarwani ,Vidur Chembath & Vaagesh Swaminathan represented upto 3rd standard open Inter School Team Championship which they won by securing 1st  position.

Team comprising Vaagesh Swaminathan ,Prisha Kesarwani from 3rd standard and Ridhaan Bhandari, Palash Prabhu from 4th standard participated in upto 5th standard open (Boys) Interschool Team Championship. This team also won the Champions Trophy with a podium finish.

The next round of Individual Rapid Championship in Open category also had AVM Juhu students winning medals and cash prizes:

  1. Prisha Kesarwani, 3rd position in upto 3rd standard category
  2. Ridhaan Bhandari, 4th position in upto 5th to 7th standard category
  3. Vaagesh Swaminathan, 5th position in upto 5th std category


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