Mode of Teaching

HLP is designed to provide multiple co-curricular activities to enhance a students social and creative skills. Covering a wide spectrum of interest including both indoor and outdoor, HLP emphasises artistic skills, liberal arts, cognitive skills, lateral thinking and augmenting in the field of virtual sciences. HLP will be conducted by trained professionals from 2.30 to 3.30 pm.

MDL is a project based on a multi-dimensional approach where in the students research on a given topic which involves corelation with multiple subjects. Parents and students have no preparatory work to do. Students prepare colourful powerpoint presentations in a stipulated time under the guidance of the teacher.

This is a policy of the school which involves information and knowledge from multiple resources in the absence of a prescribed textbook. It lightens the bags of students and broadens the horizon of learning.

This is a problem solving skill based on the following steps:

  • Decomposition – breaking down the problem into small part.

  • Pattern recognition – looking for similarities within the problem.

  • Abstraction- focus on important information ignoring irrelevant data.

  • Algorithm – solving the problem step by step and finding the solution.

STEAM is an acronym for the four disciplines of Science, Technology,Engineering, Art and Mathematics. It involves the study of science and mathematics and the meaningful integration of Mathematics, Science, Art and Engineering practices used in conjunction with digital literacy. It enhances student engagement, creativity, strengthen communication and build collaboration.

It is a group based collaborative and cooperative learning activity on various topics presented in the form of innovative models, games, charts, riddles and puzzles which helped them understand the concept better. Students go to the other classes to witness the displays which are presented with great skill and perfection.

The Preschool pedagogy has been designed on the foundation of value-based learning with emphasis on our culture, pride for nation and being a happy contributing global citizen.

Our Innovative Curriculum has three basic components:

●  Curriculum – Is child centered, theme based, interdisciplinary curriculum which provides scope for contextualization.

Methodology Focuses on Multi Dimensional Learning keeping in mind varied learner profiles and provide spiral cumulative learning experiences for holistic development.

Social Constructivist Approach- Provide opportunities to construct knowledge by engaging and involving children in the repertoire of cognitive and social skills required for successful functioning in the society that education is designed to promote.

It is designed upon a discovery approach to learn Math through the do and discover method which is a hands on method for teaching. Here the teacher presents a real life situation to the class. The students in turn, work with concrete materials (Jodo Blocks, UTH Kits, Abacus, Mathmat, Geotiles, Jodo straws, Number line and beads) and observe relationships in objects to discover underlying ideas and solutions.

Need Based Learning Program is conducted classwise . The students are divided into 7 groups, according to specific needs in various areas of learning ,like: Math, Language Development, Hindi, Reading, Writing, Developing Independent Thinkers , bridging General Learning Gaps. The groups are given specific names, they being: Hope, Joy, Peace, Friendship, Faith, Happiness, Togetherness.

No Bag Day is conducted on 25th of every month for Std 1 to Std 10 commemorating the birth date of Madan Mohan Malviya who was an Indian Educationist and a politician notable for his role in the Indian Freedom Movement. Activity based teaching learning methodpology is adapted as students refrain from carrying books.

CoRT are lateral thinking skills designed by Edward de Bono to broaden perception to see beyond the obvious, immediate and egocentric circumstances. It focuses directly on different aspects of thinking and crystallizes these aspects into definite concepts and tools.

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