Arya Vidya Mandir follows key essentials of the ICSE syllabus and we have a creative and holistic approach to the same syllabus. The education is child-centric and till higher standards we are committed to the enjoyment of childhood and sports and personality development of our students. We offer creative, scientific and analytical options for our senior students in the Group Three Subjects and have a cumulative, comprehensive evaluation system. Our active selected PTA body aids us in creating an atmosphere of learning, application and enrichment.

METHODOLOGY in the teaching learning process:

Games, Projects, Lecture , Demonstration, Activity, NBLP.
Clubs — Science, Maths, Environment, Heritage, Curiosity, Literary (Hindi,
English, Sanskrit), Hindi Matra
Dramatisation and Role Play
Dance Movement Technique
Teaching through Art and Music
FLIP Classroom– researched based teaching.
Audio Visual Aids, Puppets, Hand made Teaching Aids, Mobiles
ES Week,(Environmental Science Awareness Week through co relation of subjects, concentric and experiential approach on a chosen theme )
GOs, Mind Maps, Mnemonics, Flash Cards, Acronyms
Field trips
Questioning Skills
Star Pupil Badge
Cross word and Vocabulary Building
Maths Mentoring
Cort Tools – enhances lateral thinking in students and was started by Edward   de Bono. These tools broadens the perception and enables a higher degree of thinking in students. It deals with sorting information and applying the same in various situations.
Wipro Techniques — Technical tools to enhance the teaching-learning processes in the classroom and actively encourage collaborative learning and creative thinking abilities among students through co operative learning, inquiry based learning that instills questioning skills, the inductive deductive method , concept attainment model and other activity basd learning methods.

Students need to be judged by what they can do, not by what they cannot do. And most of all by what they can do with what they know.

Hence, Arya Vidya Mandir grooms its students to apply their learnings in practical experiments, creative projects and well researched dissertations in the form of Project work, as an integral part of the curriculum.

In ICSE board exams, Project work is given 20% weightage, The evaluation is based on multiple criteria- aimed at assessing not only a student’s writing ability, but also other abilities like understanding, imagination, creativity , presentation skills, speaking skills, inter-personal and intra-personal skills.

Project work includes a range of methods like report writing, discussions, debates, role play, interviews, case studies, analysis, demonstrations, assignments, etc.

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  • Commercial applications
  • Computer applications
  • Technical drawing application
  • Art
  • Fashion designing
  • Yoga
  • Cookery
  • Physical education
  • Drama

Although the medium of instruction is English, Indian culture and values are emphasized. Punjabi, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi are offered and Punjabi, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi Diwas are celebrated with enthusiasm. Marathi is offered as the third language as well.

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