Director's Message

Dear Patrons,

Education is at the cusp of a transformational leap that is transcending conventional thinking and forcing us to adopt changes and new ways of thinking that are fast engulfing us. These changes that are largely influenced by the rapid pace of technology are here to stay.


AVM Director


Imagine the status of a child who joins school today. She is faced with all this technological change that is taking place, but for her this is the norm…move forward 13 years when the same child is completing her schooling and imagine what she would be confronted with in terms of the technological revolution that would have taken place in a 13 year time frame.

The child luckily is in the learning phase of her career and quickly learns and adapts to these changes and developments without giving it a second thought!

But what about we as teachers and parents? Are we equipped to handle this revolution? Are we ready for the changes that are going to take place in the next 15 years? Well, there is a big question mark there! What this clearly demonstrates is that learning can never stop…the moment we stop learning we get left behind… today much faster than ever before and even faster in the times to come.

This is therefore an important lesson that I want to share with all of you…never stop learning…never stop reading and never say no to new technological advances…never be under a misunderstanding that your education and learning is over…and it is time now to stop learning and start using what has been learnt! If we do that, we risk the peril of being left behind by the younger generation and many others around us!

At the same time, let us not forget that our norms, values and culture that have been built over several centuries have stood the test of time. This is the foundation of our educational belief in AVM and we should never waver from or compromise these set of values that will bring a semblance of balance in our lives and respect for the individual and family. Let us also remember that we are the custodians of these values and it is our responsibility to preserve, educate, transfer and transmit this to our future generations.

Jai Hind


Mrs Jyoti Kumar
Director of Education for AVM Group of Institutions.
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