We are  very happy to share the achievements of our girls at the Rink Football   Tournament organized by the Times Global Sports Show 2018-19 held at The Goregoan  Exhibition Centre, Indoor Arena, on Saturday, 15th December, 2018.

AVM BW Girls Under 13 & Under 15 years took part in the RINK FOOTBALL Tournament.

In the Girls U-13 category – AVM BW qualified for the Finals where they lost 1-0 to Apostolic Carmel and were awarded the RUNNER-UP Trophy.

In the Girls U-15 category – AVM BW qualified for the Finals where they drew 1-1 with Apostolic Carmel.  In the Breaker, they lost 4-3 and were awarded the RUNNER-UPTrophy.

The Girls U-13 and U-15 Runner Up Team were awarded Medals, certificates and Team Trophy for each team.

Girls U-15

1.      Theeya Chawla  Std.IX

2.      Kinza Modi – Std.IX

3.      Mehek Doulatramani – Std.VIII

4.      Aaliya Gangwani – Std.VIII

5.      Serena Sabrawal – Std.VIII

6.      Aryaki Arora – Std.VIII

7.      Sia Diwan – Std.VIII

Girls U-13

1.      Nimesha Subramaniam – Std.VII

2.      Saamiya Khatri – Std.VII

3.      Suhani Agarwal – Std.VII

4.      Anoushka Jain – Std.VII

5.      Anika Jain – Std.V

6.      Saher Kataria – Std.VI

7.      Ananya Khanduri – Std.V

We congratulate the  teams for their wonderful performance  and wish them success in the future.