Our School is proud to have several students and parents testify to their success, support our teaching methodology and provide feedback. We value the feedback from the Parent Body. Please mail us your valuable feedback on info@avmschools.org

Dear Ms Agarwal,

On behalf of all the parents of play school B, I would like to thank Ms. Puja, Ms. Anjali, all the teachers and specially the Head mistress Ms. Bhumika Pillai for giving our children this wonderful experience in dramatics.
It was truly a fabulous performance. Well organized and well co-ordinated.
The senior students of AVM showed an exemplary conduct by helping the pre-primary students.

We were thoroughly entertained by each performance, it was such a huge achievement for all of the children to get up on stage and perform in front of so many people…well done!
Loved seeing the huge smiles and the kids enjoying themselves so much.
Our kindest appreciation to the hard working teachers and helpers (costume designers, volunteer parents and trainee teachers) who put this together and managed everything backstage and at the front, you are all amazing.

Mam The Balsatsang was very entertaining and you could see the effort from the students and the teachers show casing their various talents and above all team work.
We are very proud to be a part of the AVM community.

Your’s sincerely,

Donnabelle Kapoor

Playschool B mum & class rep.

Dear Principal madam and teaching faculty, 

We are really happy parents (to Tanish Bhagava) but you are the reason for our happiness in writing this letter. 

Simple joys at AVM reassure us of having made the right choice for our child’s education. The bal satsang organized on August 4th was very well conducted and we could relate to the theme chosen by the school and you. Thanks for a wonderful day and all your efforts. 

A special mention for Tanish’s teacher -Mrs Bharti – she is the reason Tanish spoke on stage without any fear. We are grateful to have such teachers for our kids. 

We look forward to more such occasions and thank you one more time for a wonderful day for all of us. 

Warm regards, 

Jayanti and Yatish

Parents of Tanish Bhargava Prep 1 A

Respected Principal,
AVM, Juhu


We take this opportunity to congratulate you and your entire team who worked so hard for such a well conceptualised Bal Satsang. Everything from the concept, selection of dresses, selection of songs to the execution was EXCELLENT.  

It was a pleasure to see all the kids performing with utmost confidence and enthusiasm and it was wonderful to see the elder children guiding and helping the younger ones. What a delight to see all the kids dancing with happiness and joy.  Hats off to the entire team of Pre-Primary Teachers headed by subject head Mrs. Bhumika Pillai. It’s her leadership qualities that result in such a great show. It is not easy to portray cultures of different Countries, but this team of teachers, volunteers and students made a beautiful presentation.

Special thanks to Rushali Teacher for being loving, caring and patient with all the children and also giving them the warmth, which resulted in a performance that no parent will forget. The rounds of applause and whistles were evidence of appreciation for all the hardwork that she has put in executing a great performance by the little children.

What a delightful Sunday it was… A truly deserved standing ovation for the entire team of Pre-Primary Section.

Heartfelt gratitude and our sincere thanks to this wonderful institution and best wishes for the future.

Shikha and Nitesh Raheja

Parents of Anaya Raheja – Prep I B

Respected Teachers and Staff of AVM Juhu. 
At the outset, we would like to congratulate you on the fabulous event organised. Your efforts and hard work speaks through the children who won hearts of each one. The vision of AVM that has been inculcated by your team in the children will surely draw their character and make them better human beings. The theme chosen truly represents the essence of integrity, unity and reforms. 
Once again, thanking you whole heartedly, for being the wonderful guiding force for the children and we feel proud that our children are part of such great prodigy. 
Wishing AVM greater heights. 


Hetal & Akhil Mittal

Parents of Livaan Mittal 3-B

Dear madam

This is parent of Namay Raju from class 4th A regarding Balsatsang held on14 th July, we really appreciate for all the effort put by teacers and conducted very nicely n professionally the theme of Sardar vallabhai Patel. our whole family watched the live programme n enjoyed it very much.

Thanking you.


Sridevi Raju.

(Parent of Namay Raju-4A)

Dear Ma’am and AVM family,

As always it was a pleasure seeing the little children participating with such confidence and enthusiasm with the able guidance and hard work of the teachers. The message that there’s power in unity was very nicely put taking inspiration from Sardar Vallab bhai patel, the iron man of India’s life. We always look forward to the lovely performances of the talented young students. It was indeed a well planned and executed show.

Warm regards


Dr Manisha Jain Kulshreshtha

Harshika Kulshreshtha's mother (4-B)

This was our first Balsatsang,
and what a wonderful experience it was. Pride in values, country , history andculture with sharp messaging and simplicity at itsfinest. Kudos to the entire team from management to teachers to students and volunteers.
Warmre gards,
(Mother -Dhruv Singh -4A)

Today’s event was indeed captivating and kept me engrossed throughout. 
Story telling is indeed an art in which only a few prosper. 
But weaving it through so many voices acts & dance of so many little children takes it to the next level.
Hats off to the school and volunteers for pulling such a grand act.
We have already started planning a trip to statue of Unity.
Thanks for a wonderful Sunday.
All the best and keep up the good work.     
Warm regards,
Subrath Shetty
(Parent of Ahana Shetty 3C)

Great job by the teachers and volunteer parents , really appreciate. 

Wow ! Super job by the kids , indeed it was incredibly magical .

Parents of Sakshi Savla

Dear Alka Maa’m and Teachers,
I have No words to describe how delightful it is to watch Balsatsangh year after year at AVM.
Always thought provoking, always a reality check be it about child labor, adopting a child, saving the environment, being a good citizen by using right to vote, and a topic like this year -About Sardar Vallabhav Bhai Patel
.Best thing about all Balsatsangis that the fact this school ensures each and every student participate,Selecting few and making them do remarkablethings is doesn’t stand when compared to ensure more than 200+ participation and each one of them Shining.
Keep up the good work
Thanks and Regards
Swagata Nimaiyar
Utkarsh Lal 3 B Mom

The Executive Committee Members
Arya Vidya Mandir (AVM) Group of Institutions
St. Cyril Road, Bandra West
Mumbai 400050

CC: Mrs. Shobha Iyer (principal)
Vasudev C. Wadhwa Arya Vidya Mandir
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
Mumbai – 400051

Respected Sirs and Madam,

Sub: Excellence in education – 10th Standard Results – Batch of 2019

This is to convey our heartiest congratulations to you and the entire team at Vasudev C. Wadhwa Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East (AVMBE) for the superlative results achieved by the tenth standard batch 2019.

These results would not have been possible without the relentless efforts of the entire team at AVMBE led by respected Principal – Mrs. Shobha Iyer. As parents of an AVM student we would like to share with you our experience and feedback on the decade long journey with AVM;

1. Values First: AVMBE was our school of choice because of ots impeccable reputation and a firm grounding in the values and beliefs of our culture. Your focus on integrating our cultural values has been a unique and important factor that has helped in grooming students who otherwise get completely swayed by the string winds and trappings of western influences.

2. Balanced Approach: The trend in many schools today is to burden students with several assignments, projects and homework in the name of holistic learning. This rarely works as most of these projects are outsourced or completed by parents. AVM stands apart for its balanced approach of scaling up academic rigour in a methodical manner. The exam schedules, the grading system, the syllabus, extracurricular activities etc have all helped in fostering a creative and progressive environment for growth without causing student burnout.

3. Timely and Valuable Guidance: Most parents dread the 10th standard due to the enormous competitive and social pressure associated with these exams. However, the guidance provided by the Principal as well as the teachers, during the various open day meetings, has been extremely helpful in managing the entire experience. The timeliness, simplicity and clarity of communication have genuinely helped us to plan and prepare for the exams, without getting unduly stressed.

4. Willingness to change: The willingness and ability of the management to adapt and change to meet the challenges of the evolving environment have helped at each stage, using the school hours for and to standard: sting the Art/ elective classes from AVM Juhu to AVM Bandra (1) etc. are some of the steps that appear small, but have collectively eased the problems that were faced by students and helped them perform better.

5. Teaching Staff We understand that getting and retaining good teachers in today’s competitive environment is a challenge AVM has had a reasonable fee structure (though fee hikes have stepped up recently) and has been able to get good teachers within the constraints it operates in There had been occasional problems with some new teachers, but these were effectively addressed. Overall the students have been very happy with the teachers and it’s heartening to hear words of praise from them. Especially, Jaya Miss (Chemistry) at AVMBE has been a source of inspiration.

In conclusion we would like to thank you for all your efforts and guidance which have been crucial for the development of students in these vital years. We sincerely wish for continued success for the AVM Group of Institutions and are truly proud to be have been a part of it.

Yours sincerely

Mehul Savla & Isha Savla

Parents of Sakshi Savla

The Principal,
Arya Vidya Mandir School,
Bandra (West)

Dear Madam,
We vividly remember the first day that Viraat started AVM. Well knowing his temperament for 2 ½ years, we were apprehensive until we saw Vaishalini teacher leading the children to the gate after their first day.

Through an emotionally turbulent first year, she was our pillar of strength and support, knowing exactly how to deal with his needs at school and guiding us on how to overcome roadblocks at home.

Thanks to Vaishalini teacher’s efforts and inputs, Viraat today has blossomed and we have become better parents.
Over heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to Vaishalini teacher for everything she has done for Viraat and Vihaan both. We thank god that our children have had the privilege of being her students.

Anuradha and Sumit Pachisia.

The Principal
Arya Vidya Mandir
Bandra (West)

Respected Madam,

We wish to convey our gratitude to Ms. Dipali teacher (Prep II A). Both our sons Arnav and Shantanu have had the good fortune of having Dipali Miss as their class teacher in their respective Pre-primary years. She is firm yet sensitive while handling the children. She also has a reassuring demeanour while interacting with parents and has helped us in handling our anxieties and concerns about our children.

She has definitely played a big role in moulding their characters positively. We will miss her as a teacher and wishing her great success for the future.
Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Kinnary and Mr. Dnyanesh Narvekar

Dear All, 

The Pre-Primary teachers of VCW Arya Vidya Mandir School (Bandra East) organised seven pretend play set ups over three days, to give the students an assimilating experience at the culmination of the current academic year. Following set ups were arranged;

Day 1 (12/3/19) – Airport, Vegetable vendor and Doctor’s clinic
Day 2 (13/3/19) – Space and Fire Station
Day 3 (14/3/19) – Post Office and Bakery

The set ups included various hand made props, pretend play toys, simulator effect was created using the K-Yan. The children indulged into symbolic play using objects, dress up, props, actions and ideas. All the activities were planned in a way where various learning styles were targeted. It was a wholesome learning experience for the children.

Given below are few of the appreciation messages sent by parents.

  • Hello ma’am, not sure if this should be put up here, but all prep 2 children and parents are appreciating the pretend plays that are happening in school since the past few days. Children are excitedly talking a lot about it and the parents can’t be more happy.
    Thank you so much to you and all the teachers for the effort you all are taking for making their last few days of Pre-Primary so memorable.


Message from Mrs Natasha Bhavnani, -Prep -II C parent.

  • Hello Maam, Thanks for sharing lovely pictures on app. All Kids seem to be very excited. Kuddos to your efforts. Fantastic work done by you.

Message from Parent of Kabir Singh Prep I-B

  • Ma’am thank u sooo much for such amazing activities … kids r really enjoying all the role play and pretend play activities a lot….  the best part is they take it back and are able to recall what they did…. so much learning through it..! thanks for such super great efforts!!

Message from Parent of Hridaan Ved  Play school -A

  • Ma’am… just wanted to let u know that Yaashna has been talking non stop about all the activities they did in school today and what all they learnt. She had a great time today…. Thank you so much for arranging such an engrossing day for them


Yaashna Batra’s (Prep II-C) parent’s message

  • A few glimpses of the fun learning experience of the Pre-Primary children at VCW AVM (Bandra East) are attached herewith. 



Mrs. Shobha Iyer


Respected Dear Harsha Teacher,

We the parents of Haveer Vinay Savla would like to take this opportunity to thank you for passing the love and knowledge to our son whole heartedly. Your passion and hard work for teaching the children is very appreciable.

Haveer speaks about a lot about you at home and has been eager to come to school. This shows that the children are enjoying the schooling and hence we believe that in such an environment our children will come out as better human beings, instilled with vast wealth of knowledge and will be better equipped with the capabilities of handling the challenges lying ahead of them in life.

A teacher is always remembered but a teacher like you is always loved.

Many thanks

Rachana Vinay Savla & Vinay Naveen Savla

Haveer Savla (Prep I B)

Dear Harpreet teacher,

Being a parent we are very happy about the progress of our child Riyansh. He has taken part in all the activities this year and performed so well.

Basically our children are there with us at home for maximum time still we are unable to teach them so many things, but there are so many children are there in class and that too for ½ hrs but you teaches them so many creative things. We are very happy to see that our child is growing up and learning so many great things all credit goes to you, thank you very much. My son is always talking so well about you.

Thanking you,

Diyandip Kasukar

Hi Ma’m,

Yet another academic year comes to an end, and I would want to take the opportunity to thanks all teachers in the world of making it such a beautiful place to live in! Thank you for taking care of our children, teaching them right from wrong, showing them the right path that must be taken. Thank you for taking care of us!

As I pen this, I am taken back to our first interaction a few years back. You wanted to meet up with my wife and me to discuss some matter. Being parents to a hyperactive child with a mind of his own, we were slightly concerned about what he could have done! It was only when we met that we realized that the conversation was more about how you thought the child was wronged by a substitute teacher and you wanted us to be in the loop. It was a very very small matter, ma’m, and I don’t think we would have had a point of view on it. But you wanted to proactively meet and clarify things. Because that’s how Arya Vidya Mandir works. And that’s how diligent teachers like you operate! The meeting spoke volumes about how wonderful a teacher and an administrator you are, ma’m. Honest, sincere, and extremely warm, loving and affectionate. I left that meeting a richer man.

I have had the good fortune to meet up with you a few times post that, and it has always been a delight interacting with you. You understand children, parents, and teachers equally well, and the insights that you provide have always been quite a learning for me both as an individual and a father.

I have gathered that you would be leaving the Bandra East branch to join AVM Juhu as the Principal Designate from 1st April, 2019. While I feel sad that we would not be able to see you on as regular a basis, I am delighted to witness this very natural progression of your professional life. The AVM management has made the perfect choice, and the students, teachers and parents of AVM Juhu are blessed!

Congratulations, and thank you again, ma’m, for being around!




The Principal,

Smt. R.S.B. Arya Vidya Mandir

Juhu, Mumbai

Dear Ma’am,

I would like to thank you for the prestigious award given to my daughter Nayna Taneja, student of 7A on the Sports Day. These achievements would really have not been possible without your unending support and encouragement.

Nayna is indeed fortunate to be part of an institute that not only encourages but also nurtures sports and upcoming players.
Thank you ma’am once again for the honour. Also, looking forward to your continued support and blessings.

Thanking you,

Avina Taneja

( Mother of Nayna Taneja )

Dear Principal Mam,

A very good afternoon to you!

My son, Aymaan Mistry is a student of your school and is currently studying in grade IC.

Aymaans’ academic journey in the pre primary has been wonderful.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the pre primary teachers – Ms. Bhumika, Ms. Pratiksha, Ms. Pooja and Ms.Bageshree for mentoring Aymaan during his pre primary years at AVM Juhu. We have seen a significant change in Aymaan over these 3 years.
The efforts put in by these teachers is way more than what can be seen when students perform at an event or school functions. Mentoring students of this age group requires tremendous efforts and patience which is very difficult and not everyone’s cup of tea.

All the primary teachers have been really good towards Aymaan. They have always appreciated him for whatever he has done, whether as an individual or as a team. When Aymaan made mistakes, these teachers have always mentored him as if he were their own child.

I remember when Aymaan was in play school A, for the first 3 months he used to trouble Bhumika miss a lot and always insisted that she carry him in her arms. Bhumika miss had to literally carry him and take him wherever she went. 

When Aymaan won gold medals for the state level and national level skating competition, each and every teacher congratulated him and appreciated him for his achievements. Aymaan came home with a lit up and very happy face that day.

Such selfless and caring attitude of these teachers is simply commendable.

Thank you once again to all the pre primary teachers for the patience and efforts they have put into nurturing my son Aymaan.

Best regards,

Mr Asif Mistry

( Parents of Aymaan Mistry of Prep II A )

To the Principal Mam,
AVM Juhu,

Sending a part of your heart away even for a few hours is always overwhelming for parents and was no different for us. But as we noticed our Jiana beaming with happiness each day when discussing school activities, or time spent there, it was indeed assured that we had taken the best decision for her with AVM Juhu.

We would like to express heartfelt and sincere gratitude to the ever so lovely class teachers Pratiksha Miss and Rushali Miss.. in them our daughter has found a proper blend of friend forever, mother away from home and an apt Guru for life …We can see how honestly she adores them for the way they handle each kid in the class….We have also observed how Bhumika Miss is devotedly involved in each milestone and any activity that goes around with the entire pre-primary section… This synergy of the school team has laid a gorgeous foundation of trust amongst us parents, for us you all truly are patience and dedication personified!. 

We both cant thank you all enough to have nurtured our little sunshine brilliantly, and launching her first year in formal education so immaculately!!!

Sincere Regards,

Arathi & Chintan Ghatge

( Parents of Jiana Ghatge (Roll No-4) - PS-C )

Dear Bhumika Maam & Shilpi Teacher

I say this with utmost pride that the Pre Primary Balsatsang this year was by far the best we have seen since our son Vihaan began his schooling journey with AVM Juhu. What made this Balsatsang the best was undoubtedly its theme “Gratitude Is The Right Attitude” as teaching Gratitude to children at such a young age will ensure that we raise well rounded compassionate individuals who are sensitive and kind irrespective of the challenging environment of todays times.

We would like to applaud the efforts of Ms Bhumika Pillai Pre Primary Subject Head, our class teacher Ms Shipi Raizada and the entire team of talented teachers who presented this theme with absolute perfection, with Gratitude expressed towards almost every aspect of our lives including the very basic ones which are often taken for granted in todays fast paced times.

Be it the songs, the costumes, the dialogues and the theme itself,  has given not only the kids but us parents fodder for thought and a reminder that we all have a lot to be grateful for. To have a leader like our respected Principal Mrs Alka Agrawal so graciously express her gratitude towards our teachers was heart- warming to watch and a reminder to us that actions speak louder than words and that leading by example is what will help our children imbibe such values.Once again we laud the efforts of the entire  team of Pre Primary teachers at AVM Juhu and Ms Bhumika Pillai who is indeed an invaluable asset of the AVM Juhu Institution, for a spectacular Show.


Manasi and Mayuresh Veling

( Parents of Vihaan Veiling from Prep II C. )

Dear team AVM, Juhu

I write to express my commendation for the well organised , thoughtfully scripted theme of the PrePrimary Bal Satsang on Sunday 10th February. The prayers conducted by the students to begin the event,was an eye opener, as much as the responsibility your senior children don not only in this event, but all others too.

One took charge of the special need lil one on stage.Care,compassion,gratitude and prayerfulness are requisite values and it is impressive to see children being gently guided into this.

Streaming the programme live helped us enjoy being a valued member of AVM and we loved all the little ones.
Thank you for felicitating and appreciating my husband Col Patankar in his absence. You live every value you believe in.

Kudos to each one of you



( Diva Mirji’s grandmother – Prep II B, AVM Juhu )


The Principal

AVM Bandra West

Sub: Recommendable work being done by Miss Naina, Hindi Teacher of III B

Respected Madam,

Warm greeting.

This is Dr. Garima Garg, mother of Avika Garg, III B. I wan to take this opportunity totank Miss Naina for making extra efforts and taking extra time out from her schedule to make kids ( who find Hindi difficult) understand Hindi better

My daughter is being helped by Miss Naina in understanding the nuances of Hindi better. She use to find Hindi difficult, but now she finds it interesting, all thanks to Miss Naina’s hard work and effort.

Madam, you and your entire staff should be applauded for the commendable work you are doing for the welfare of kids.

I feel proud to be associated with such a conscientious institution.

Thank you

Best Wishes

Garima Garg

Mother of Avika Garg

Dear Mrs. Kumar,

Principal AVM Bandra West,

Mumbai 400050

Respected Madam,

Being part of the AVM family has been an immense joy for all of 13 years. In my daughter’s words: ‘ Sending me to AVM is the best decision made by my parents”

We want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to you and your esteemed institution, where Anagha has learnt so much under the nurturing guidance of her gurus. At important junctions of her progress path, thoughtful advice from all her teachers made vital contributions.

We applaud and highly appreciate your timely audience to our requests which propelled my ward to pursue her dreams with dedication.

Once again thanking you and all in the Avm family, knowing for sure that it will continue to groom the generations to come.

Sincerely and faithfully yours

R. Mahalakshmi

Mother of Anagha Giri, Class 10 A – 2019

Respected Mrs Kumar and Teachers,

At the outset, thank you very much for the kind message sent today morning!

It was a wonderful opportunity and a great learning experience as well, to accompany all the kids for the outing.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

I always used to admire AVM teachers for their patience, equanimity and amazing tolerance to manage children of all types ! The very few times I had done substitution had drained me of my energy ?… This time I saw it from close quarters and realised why Teaching is called a “noble profession” ! You have to be truly selfless and have a passion for nurturing youngsters to get into this profession !

Words may not be able to express my gratitude for all the hard work and efforts that have gone into moulding our children and preparing them for a bright future… I would like to offer my heartfelt “Thank you” to each and every teacher who has worked tirelessly to make this a great institution under the able leadership of Mrs Kumar.

Thank you,

Reshma Bathija

The Management of AVM Group of Schools

Dear Sir /Madam

I, Rohit Bhatia, am a parent of Ms. Aarna Bhatia, who has been a student of R.S.B, Arya Vidya Mandir since playschool. While my daughter has been studying in this school, there have been a few other Principals at the school. However today I write this letter to express my sincere appreciation for Ms. Alka Agrawal, Principal of Ramdevi Shobhraj Bajaj AVM School, for being the most superb school principal I have ever known.

There has been a marked improvement in academic, social and sports field under the benevolent and efficient administration of Ms. Agrawal. As parents, it’s been a joy to watch our children bloom into better persons and I give utmost credit to Ms. Agrawal for this inspiring sea of change in the school.The nurturing school environment created by her, one to one interaction with our children has been very motivating for our children. Her words of encouragement and advice during assemblies have a positive impact on the children and they try to heed to her advice in their daily routine thus strengthening their character.

The good learning environment ensured by Principal Madam and her team of dedicated teachers is commendable. I know many students including my own daughter can approach any teacher including Principal Madam herself for any assistance for their studies or for that matter anything . Recently the Secondary section teachers had designed the Recap worksheets for all subjects. These worksheets and question banks are truly helpful to the students. Speaking for myself, I have seen my daughter only do these recap sheets just before her exam and she seems much assuredabout  completing her studies on time. I sincerely want to thank the teachers and Principal Madam for these well designed worksheets.

Not only in studies, we have noticed a lot of difference in the discipline and conduct of the students. I was very touched when one day, when I went to pick my daughter around 4 pm [i.e. after school activities], I met the Principal Madam waiting along with some teacher and students ensuring that no child took an auto rickshaw on their own. Her personal interest ensuring the safety of our children has been very reassuring to me and other parents.
The conduct of our children, be it their uniform or their behavior in public is closely watched by the teachers under the eagle eye of Principal Madam and the results speak for themselves . When our children are complimented for their grounded behavior and proper discipline we surely need to complement and thank Principal Madam and her team for the same.

Ms. Agrawal, has a fantastic rapport with our children who can approach her at any time for her advice and support. We have had our children wanting to participate in various sports, various external exam such as Trinity exams for Piano etc. These event are scheduled during school hours and sometimes during exams. Principal Madam, takes time from her busy schedule to talk to each child to understand their need to attend all these events. She personally motivates them, encourages them to participate all these events. All this support from Ms. Agrawal has been a strong hand in shaping the overall personalities of our children.

I, take this opportunity to thank Principal Madam and the management, for bringing about positive infrastructural changes in the classrooms and the school building. The state of art laboratory, staff room, toilets, the drinking area, well lit corridors are some essential changes we observed and are very appreciated by us parents. I’m sure there are more upcoming changes and we look forward to such changes.

Last but not the least my huge thanks to Mrs. Agrawal and the management for reducing school hours for the 9th and 10th standard. It was very painful to see most of our children give up on their hobbies or sports in the higher classes. Thanks to this decision the children are a bit relaxed and a relief for us parents.

As said by Donald H. McGannon -‘Leadership is action, not position’ and this fits well for Mrs. Alka Agrawal. I know many other parents and students feel the same way about our Principal Madam, even though they may often forget to say how much we appreciate her. I, thank her again for her wise and strong leadership in ensuring continued success of our children and the school.

Our school is definitely a better place because Mrs. Agrawal is at the helm of affairs

Sincerely yours,

Rohit Bhatia

(Parent of Aarna Bhatia, IX-A)


The Principal,

Ms. Alka Agarwal

Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Bajaj Arya Vidya Mandir,


Sub: Expressing gratitude to the school, Primary subject head, Shefali ma’am and class teacher of Std I, Div C, Deepa Ranade ma’am for the support and encouragement given to my child

Dear Madam,

This is with reference to my child, Kiara Shah, studying in Std I, Div C of your school. As you may be aware, Kiara underwent a surgery in her right elbow & forearm in June 2018 for a congenital condition (due to which her elbow was getting constricted and she couldn’t stretch her right hand completely)

Throughout the month of June and July, she couldn’t attend school but her class teacher, Deepa ma’am was constantly in touch and kept a check on her progress. When my daughter resumed school, she had to be kept under a rigid plaster and care had to be taken that she doesn’t hurt her hand again. Deepa ma’am would pick her up from the foyer and drop her till the gate and ensured that she came separately. She formed a buddy group of her classmates who helped my daughter in mundane activities and ensured that my daughter was at ease and even motivated her at every step.

As parents, there was a lot of inhibition from our end about her resuming school after such a major surgery, but the confidence with which this was handled and the reassurance that she is in safe hands by the class teacher and subject head was really commendable.

Deepa ma’am has been a guiding star and a pillar of support for my child and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this.

A special mention and thanks to all the other class teachers of Std I, who would drop her if Deepa ma’am was away, Didis on the floor, Patil kaka and the main gate watchman as well for all their help and care.

I really appreciate the school’s co-operation and the subject head and especially the class teacher’s constant support during such a difficult phase of my child and will be forever grateful for the same.

I would also take this opportunity to thank all her pre-primary teachers – Bharti ma’am, Sunita ma’am, Bhagyashree ma’am and Shilpi ma’am for constantly motivating her in her formative years and instilling confidence at every level.

Thank You,

Soumya Easwaramony.

M/O Kiara Shah, Std I Div C

Visit to Bakery unit


Respected Principal Madam,

Avm Juhu

We would like to send our gratitude and appreciation for organising such an informative field trip to the Bakery unit.

It was so nice to see kids coming home overjoyed with excitement describing about the entire event and so many things they learned. Right from watching a huge oven in which the cakes & cookies are baked, how the cake is moulded and how the muffins rise in the oven, etc. They had lot of things to share at home happily. It was truly very interesting and informative. And getting goodie bags with yummy muffins and cake back home for us made their day.

We would like to thank our Subject Head Shefali miss and all the Primary teachers for conducting such wonderful and informative events organised as part of fun based learning.

It really feels great to see our kids happy in learning each and every activity they get to do at the school.

Thanks and Regards,

Parents of Prithvi Shah III - B


Dear Teachers,

Balsatsang was amazing all students were so confident.The best part of the balsatsang was participation of all(208) students.


Hats off to you teachers!!!!!!

I have experienced 3A.V.M’s Bandra (w), Santacruz,and. now juhu.But the legacy and values of the institution remain the same.Beautiful show!Proud to be a part of the AVM family.


Rachana Jain

Parent of (Dishita Jain)

Congratulations for the Class 2 Bal Satsang

We extend our sincerest thanks and heartiest congratulations to Ms. Sunita, Ms. Shefali, Ms. Alka Agarwal, the staff and parent volunteers for a thought-provoking and entertaining Balsatsang by Class 2 held on Sunday, 7th October 2018. This is our first year as parents of children studying at RSB AVM, Juhu though we have been part of the AVM family for the past 2 years. Our children were previously studying in the pre-primary and primary sections of AVM Bandra West. Having been parent volunteers for Bal Satsang in the past, we are quite well versed with the processes and the challenges that come with it.

However, we would like to especially commend you on:

1. The scripting and methodology of storytelling used to convey the theme and the key messages about the vision of the school was fantastic. There was never a dull moment!

2. The confidence with which the children of all classes performed was exemplary. Would not have been possible without unflinching support from the teachers.

3. The process of putting together costumes, props, backdrops, presentations, music is such that everything works seamlessly. It has been simplified so much by staff and parent volunteers that Bal Satsang is an activity that we will certainly look forward to every year.

4. The Marwah Hall is a wonderful venue for conducting the event with excellent acoustics. Doors and windows were left open to ensure adequate ventilation and provide a conducive atmosphere for parents to attend and enjoy the show. Even the Grand parents were extremely comfortable and were able to enjoy and appreciate all the work put in by everyone including the kids.

In conclusion, the event was managed very well. We are quite confident that we made the right decision by enrolling our children in RSB AVM. We are assured that the management, staff and parents are all equally invested in overall development of the children. We look forward to many more extra curricular activities and hope to see RSB AVM Juhu as one of the Top 5 schools next year.

Thanks and all the best!

Mrs. Akanksha and Mr. Sanchit Mirji

Parents of Rudra Mirji, Class 2A

BalSatsang AVM Juhu_ Execution Par Excellence !!

Respected Teachers and Principal Ma’am,

What a journey it has been at AVM Juhu with our kids in the hands of magicians like you all !!

Balsatsang is a testimony to the amount of hard work, thoughtfulness and endless hours of preparation that is done with our tiny tots.

From play school to standard II , the journey is enriching each year. Students exhibited tremendous amount of confidence and skills in execution and all credit to ‘You All’.

Thanks Dil Se !! We loved the concept and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Bal Satsang for PS C, Std I and Std II.



( Mother of Mishika Jain II C )

Respected Mam,

We are the parents of Swara Subramaniam who is currently in Prep 2 B at AVM Juhu.

We recently received the news of Smt. RSB AVM being ranked 8th in Mumbai by Education World. It gave us immense joy to see our honourable Principal Mrs Alka Agrawal receive the award on behalf of the School.

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the school management on this glorious achievement and most importantly pen down our deepest appreciation for Mrs Alka Agrawal. The award is but a true testament of her leadership at AVM.

From the very first time we interacted with her, what has stood out for us is how genuine, approachable and compassionate she is.

This feeling only gets reinforced with every interaction-the most recent one being the flawless admission process that was put in place for next year’s Nursery admissions where in our son joins AVM as well. We were beyond impressed with how AVM is always raising the bar to make the experience memorable for parents and children alike.

We are taking the liberty of saying she is not just a traditional Principal but a Visionary.

She truly cares about our children and understands their lives beyond the walls of the school. And what more can we ask for when School is a home away from home for our children.

There has not been a single opportunity in the past 2.5 years, be it at the Bal Satsang , Sports Day etc where we have not eagerly looked forward to her addressing the parents. She has constantly collaborated with the parents through all these platforms. We make mental notes and walk away with words of wisdom we can apply in our lives as parents.

Her words remind us that she is truly a thought catalyst, an agent of change who engages and involves stakeholders such as us in the journey of providing our children a continual climate of learning.

We have observed how she has empowered the teachers to sustain and create learning environments that will enable our children to take on the world and its ways.

She has a vision for AVM that is of very high standards and is taking us all along the journey. This is seen in all the improvements we have observed in the school premises as well.

Through her walking the walk and talking the talk, our children have a role model from whom they are imbibing values of creativity, innovation and compassion.

Thank you Maam for being a role model for the children and us alike.

Thanks and Regards

Vijay and Suraksha Subramaniam

Parents of Swara Subramaniam (Prep 2 B)

Respected Principal Ma’am,

Our dear son Meherzen Mehta is studying in Prep II B (2018-19). Me and my husband dearly wish you and all our teachers, office staff, management, bhaiyas and didi’s a very Happy Teacher’s day.

We don’t want to restrict teachers day just for a day as a teacher works 24*7 moulding our children and bestowing immense amount of  love, care, support, proper guidance, making them creative, shaping them and imparting knowledge on our children to make them a better person for better future, which is commendable and is an immeasurable effort.  Salute to all the selfless efforts to every teacher and person on board of Team AVM, Juhu.

My special thanks to all the Pre-Primary teacher’s, our Subject Head Mrs. Bhumika Pillai, our Class Teacher Ms. Puja Chibber and you for shaping our tiny tots into a mature, responsible children.

I was given an opportunity to substitute as a teacher a few times this year and I must say teaching and keeping patience with 40 sets of little chirping children is not everyone’s cup of tea. Salute to all the pre-primary teachers. I am very grateful to have been given an opportunity to be with children and experience a teacher’s life. Thanks to our class teacher Ms. Puja Chibber and Ms. Bhumika Pillai for letting me experience a day as a teacher.

Thank you for having us as parents and letting us experience the joy of our children in school through all the updates on school app.

Thank you,
Regards and love,

Mrs Rashmi Mehta & Mr. Jezil Mehta

Parents of Meherzen Mehta (Prep II B).


The Principal / Class Teacher IV-A,
AVM Bandra West

Respected  Mam,

This being my first year at AVM. I personally was looking forward to Bal Satsang, noticed how the teachers were involved right from the roles to costume selection to the final execution. Though initially I thought why so much fees over costumes, On the final day onstage I truly understand why the fees!! Kids looked so confident, dialogue delivery was crisp and above the benchmark of a year olds, expressions, body language every minute point displayed the hard work of both the students and teachers, that was put across. It clearly displayed the support and motivation from the principal. The concept selection deserves applause and appreciation. Linking of the concept through relevant points, coordination and synchronization of characters, perfect display of emotions, overall the platter was perfect and full feeling. The dance students were excellent on their part. Selection of songs, keeping in the mind 9-year olds, needs applause. Overall well deserved standing ovation received on the day of Balsatsang – worthy of the efforts put in by every students and teachers, support staff, backstage students helpers involved in putting together this excellent event.

Lakshmi Agarwal

Mother of Ruhani Agarwal, IV-A

Respected Mrs.Kumar,

Namaste, I am dropping in a line to appreciate the school’s endeavor in making my 5th standard a success.  I want to shed some light about the lambent journey of the important part of my life, 5th standard.

It is a great honour to be as free as a butterfly fluttering the garden to do innumerable and exhilarating activities that enhance our passion towards learning and enlightens us.  Thank you for conducting copious events like Bal Satsang, Utkarsh, Moment of Joy, Sports Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Navratri Party, Christmas Party, Punjabi Diwas, Marathi Diwas, Hindi Diwas and the crowning glory of the school is the ebullient and the fabulous sleepover.  Assemblies gives me a good and fair chance to participate and to explore the qualities I have. The Utkarsh festival helped me to overcome the fears of enacting in front of a mob of people. I was exultant to have the main and the renowned role of Mahadevi Verma. I had a whale of time in Utkarsh as Ms.Suma Singh, Ms.Suman Mishra, Ms.Siddhi, Ms.Monika, Ms.Nilu, Swapnil sir and Ms.Meher took care of me and gave me adequate support which boosted my confidence.  As well as the assiduous but zealous TR’s which aids in letting me know how much I have understood. I would ALSO LIKE TO THANK Frank sir for his diligence towards football which has inspired me a lot.

My most memorable memories have been in 5th standard which will be etched in my mind forever.  I am looking forward for many such memories.

Thanking you,

Mishtee Agrawal

Std. VA, Date : 15.03.2018


The Principal,

Arya Vidya Mandir School, Bandra west.

Dear Mrs. Kumar,

Re: Whole-hearted Thank you to Team AVM

With respect to above we wanted to write this letter since a while however better late than never.

Our child, Shreeya Gajaria in Std. 10th has completed 12 years in this institution and is now in her last year. We wanted to let the entire team of AVM know that we as parents are honored to be associated with your institution. Knowledge as rightly said is not confined to books and that’s what is followed at AVM.

We all know that no school is perfect but AVM does not aspire to be perfect, their aspiration is to enlarge the horizon of a child and not enforce and throw heaps of information towards them. The focus is on all round development. Respect for individuals is a key virtue. At AVM, a child will respect the one who cleans the school as much as he/she will respect the Principal or the Physics teacher.

Our child’s life in this school has evolved from kindergarten to teenage years and the important thing is that we can still see the child as grounded and closer to life as she was at the age of 3 when she started this journey. In this journey she has learnt the power of the Indian culture as well. A Namaste is more powerful than any other greeting and is followed at AVM from the heart. The Gayatri mantra, the shlokas and Sanskrit as a language strengthen the roots of a child. Education is given utmost importance however sports and extra-curricular activities are not kept in the background. Participation in events is as important as studies. A factory model of creating dumplings which are all the same is not followed by AVM and focus is on child’s individuality.

With this we would like to thank the entire team AVM for the wonderful years my child has spent and which she will remember and miss. Thank you for giving her the best childhood and teen memories.


Parag Gajaria & Urja Gajaria

Respected Principal,

I want to take your precious time to appreciate our class teacher Ms Puja Chibber of Prep II B and Subject Head Ms Bhumika Pillai.

My daughter Nirvi Patil is lucky to have her as teacher and mentor. This months engaging minds activity hurdle and movement was the thing all children were looking forward to but due to heavy rain I couldn’t send her to school but to my surprise the activity was held today as well and Nirvi throughly enjoyed it .

I’m so happy that Ms Bhumika Pillai, Ms Puja Chibber and team AVM thought of extending the engaging mind activity for this week.

Puja teacher is indeed very creative and thoughtful. My many thanks to her.

Thank you so much to our principal Ma’am Ms Alka Agrawal, Ms Bhumika Pillai, Ms Puja Chibber and team AVM.

Thank you

Mrs Aparna Mehta - parent of Samya Mehta - Prep II A

Mrs. Alka Agrawal

The Principal

Smt. R.S.B A.V.M School, Juhu

Mumbai-400 049


Dear Ma’am,

 As personally communicated, our family is emigrating to the U.S.A. and accordingly we have sought the Transfer Certificate for our younger daughter, Ms. Revati Mudholkar who is currently in Grade IV; meanwhile, our elder daughter, Ms. Sanyamee Mudholkar, has passed out from your institution this year in the Grade X, ICSE Examinations having scored 95% marks.  

 We would like to convey our appreciation with regard to the invaluable contribution that the Smt. R.S.B.A.V.M. School, Juhu, as an institution of eminence has made towards our children’s growth and their respective evolution- both academically as well as personally.

 Sanyamee joined this school in 2005, i.e., in Play School and has been educated at  Smt. R.S.B.A.V.M. School, Juhu for thirteen (13) years. During that period, the values she has imbibed and the principles that she has acquired in addition to the education she received have been a source of tremendous comfort to us. They will provide a solid foundation for her future and they will remain with her for life.

 Meanwhile, we are also proud to inform you that Sanyamee has also been selected for two (2) Summer School Programs at two (2) the Ivy Leagues viz. Brown University and at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. But for your support and guidance, this would not have been possible.

 We are extremely happy to state that there are several members amongst the teaching and the non- teaching Staff, who have played a pivotal role in the grooming of our children. We take the opportunity to specifically make honorable mentions of:

  1. Ms. Alka Agarwal
  2. Ms. Tanveer Khan
  3. Ms. Radhika Gupte
  4. Ms. Smita Sulakhe

All of them and many others have had a strong influence on Sanyamee, especially in the development of her personality. But for them, it would have been very challenging for her to come to this level. We shall always appreciate their efforts towards her success.  

Therefore when the time for Revati, our younger daughter’s school admission came in 2012, Smt.  R.S.B. A.V.M. School, Juhu was our first and the only natural choice.

 The institution has helped Revati develop positive outlook, a cheerful attitude as well as self-confidence, while keeping her grounded by virtue of the strong moral values which the school inculcates amongst all the students.

 We would specifically like to place on record, the support and co-operative guidance from the following Staff from the School, who have had tremendous impact on her for they having undertaken special efforts for her growth: 

  1. Ms Shefali Umesh
  2. Ms. Bhumika Pillai
  3. Ms. Vijeyta Trikha

 We shall be thankful if you could please communicate our gratitude to the above said Staff for their unflinching support and co-operative guidance bestowed upon both Sanyamee and Revati.

 As our children move forward in the next journey of their lives, we seek your continued blessings for them and we shall always be grateful for the part that you all have played in their respective formative years.

 Thanking you

 With Warm Regards,

 Yours Sincerely

 Ruta R Mudholkar

 Ranjeet S Mudholkar

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

 Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB India)

702, 7th Floor, Leela Business Park,

Andheri-Kurla Road,Andheri(E)

Mumbai – 400 059, India.

 Phone : +91-22-61712402

Mobile : +91-9819852055

Website : www.fpsbindia.org

Respected Principal Mam,

This is to express our deep gratitude towards the splendid Balsatsang event organised by Pre Primary section.

No rain… no winds… no showers could refrain our tiny performers from showcasing a thundering stellar performance at the Balsatsang held on 04th August. 

The efforts taken by Rushali Miss for Prep 1 B was clearly displayed in each child then be with the dance steps or expressions or even the confidence displayed when speaking the dialogues.

We would personally like to thank you for the beautifully groomed Jiana we have now… we sent our cute flamboyant child to AVM and can notice her transformation into this confident little girl… Can see how impeccable she’s on the stage not just with her own dialogues but even with someone else’s if required to …now that’s some level of confidence and promptness every parent wants their child to have!!! 

Yet again…cant thank you Ms. Bhumika Pillai and Ms. Rushali Malde enough for having surpassed our expectations and just getting better by the day at everything….

Thanking you,
With Warm Regards,

Arathi & Chintan

Parents of Jiana Ghatge(Prep - 1 B)

Dearest Pratiksha Miss,

My daughter Advika Misra is in your class Prep 1 C.

Starting school is a milestone in children’s life and the transition from play school to Prep 1 ,involves changes in many aspects of their everyday lives. AND with a teacher like you the transition has been v smooth.

PREP 1s balsatsung  which was held recently , was really the best . All the kids performed well on stage without any drop in their energy levels .I would like to thanyou Maam, for your efforts which went in preparing them. It was a treat to watch them on stage .


Best Regards 

Sakshi Misra

Mother of Advika Misra - Prep 1 C

Dear Alka Mam,

My heartiest congratulations to you, Bhumika Miss and the entire teaching and support staff for the fabulous Pre-Primary Balsatsang event organised on 04th Aug 2019.

As the invite rightly said it was ‘A whole new world’. The entire backdrop, costume and music was perfect and in sync with the theme. It was overwhelming to watch the young citizens barely 3-5 years of age come to stage and confidently perform in front of the audience. Right from the beginning till the end children maintained their rythm and energy level. It truly reflected on the time, effort, discipline and patience put in by the teachers and support staff in producing such a spectacular show. 

In spite of the challenging weather we could see all the staff present, wearing a smile. Not to miss the inspiring efforts put in by Mrs Bharti Dua, the class teacher. Post the event we could see the whole class give her a big hug. She also praised the kids for their commitment and efforts.

A special mention of the Indian segment showcased in the end which was extremely enthralling and beautifully performed by the kids, it just left all of us with a feeling of love and pride for our country.

We were proud to see our child being a part of this wonderful event and are truly appreciative of our forward looking school which believes in developing future ready happy individuals imbibing human values.

Thanks and Regards,

Tejal and Uday Gurunath

Parents of Akshara Gurunath PP1 A

Dear Madam,

The Pre-Primary Balsatsang event on August 4,  2019 was truly well organised. 

The concept and theme was thoughtfully planned and presented. The kids performance was energetic and entertaining. It was heartening to see a large audience despite heavy rainfall which reflects the excitement to be a part of the event. 

We are proud that our son Parth R Choksi (PP II  Division B) is being imparted with good values at a young age.

We would like to thank and congratulate the teachers and the school management for organising this wonderful event.

Thanks and Regards

Sweta and Rahul Choksi

Parents of Parth R Choksi PP II B

Respected principal madam,

This is a single letter to appreciate the hat trick of wonderful Bal Satsang performances. You might wonder what hat trick. I take this opportunity to clarify. My daughter, Sarvagjna Doshi studies in Prep II C and I have witnessed three wonderful years of well designed and executed Bal Satsang programs, to be specific
1. Jal hai to kal hai (2017-18)
2. Gratitude (2018-19)
3 Global Citizens 

There is so much research that goes into making these types of programs successful. Days, weeks and months are invested into script writing, costumes designing and selection , camera arrangements, music and above all practising with such young children of various abilities and changing moods.
Thanks to you and your entire team. This letter would be incomplete without the mention of Bhumika teacher and Charmy teacher, their patience in working with the students is commendable. For the past two years I thought it would be very cheesy to write and appreciate but have realised that not expressing gratitude would be worse, hence am penning this one. With great pride and satisfaction of putting my child in the right institution , I once again thank you for everything.


Dolly Doshi

Parent of Sarvagina Doshi - Prep II C

Respected Madam,

We, parents of Maahi Nachnanee studying in Prep 2 ‘B’ would like to thank and congratulate you and your entire team who were a part of the BalSatsang held on 4th of August. It was a very well organized show and are proud to see the school imparting values to our children. Special thanks to Amrita teacher for encouraging the children.

Looking forward to be a part of many more such wonderful events. 


Chandini and Sundeep Nachnanee.

Parents of Maahi Nachnanee - Prep 2 'B'

Dear Principal,
AVM, Juhu.


Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you and your talented team of pre primary teachers for a fun and successful Bal Satsang on 4th August, 2019.

It was a wonderful concept of visiting 6 countries and learning about their culture, heritage and such nuances that was not known to us. Thank you for educating all of us through this platform. Like always, this time too, we saw more than what we expected. All the kids performed their best and it was heartwarming to see the older kids guide the younger ones, while they were volunteering. To us, it was a fine display of one culture, one family! We are so proud to be a part of this esteemed value based institution. 

All this I believe, is truly the credit of All of our fantastic team of pre- primary teachers who worked as a team, led by our subject head, Mrs. Bhumika Pillai. All of them put in their heart and soul to make sure our little ones enjoyed their performance, and it showed onstage. It was a beautiful sight to see the teachers guiding the kids their steps while they were on stage and teachers seated below. What a way to direct, guide and influence our young ones who were only looking at their respective teachers while parents were enjoying looking at the kids…. it was the teachers performances too that deserved to be applauded! So much of hardwork and effort, hats off to each one of them!! 

My special thanks to our Prep 2 B class teacher Mrs. Amrita Pai, who trained the kids on the South Africa theme. Her energy, enthusiasm, warmth and confidence was so inspiring that my son, Hurshvardhan would come home and practice on the Afro Jazz, and Taki Taki song almost all day followed by his dialougues. We heard him say- Alexa! Please play Taki Taki almost several times a day:-)  Any guests or family that visited us, had to see his performance, as he would insist on showing them what he is learning at school. That was the level of his excitement. That showed how much kids enjoyed being a part of this wonderful journey of Bal Satsang. Thanks Amrita teacher for being an inspiration to my son and the rest of the kids, for teaching and taking care of them with love and discipline. 

Once again, a big Thank You to the institution that is not leaving any stone unturned to shape up the future of our little hearts and indeed making them future ready! 

Thanks and loads of love, gratitude and best wishes to all our gurus!

Congratulations and Kudos!! 

Preeti Kelkar

Mother of Hurshvardhan Kelkar - PP2 B

Respected Madam,

It has always been a pleasure to be at the much awaited Bal Satsang at A.V.M. Juhu to see all the kids geared up for their wonderful performances.

This year upscaled to a new level by drawing inferences across 2 different generations, 2 different topics between the formation of diversely United India and the today’s favourite sport – football team.

Personally, Sardar Patel has been my ideal since my teenage years and to see his story of perseverance,focus,inclusiveness and taking everyone together through the kids’ eyes was a spectacular and a memorable one.

I really loved the way the teachers had put up the efforts to show the growing kids that if teamwork under the IRON MAN’s leadership has brought together varied cultures to transform into a democratic India , how easy it would be for the young kids to work towards a team goal.

That Sunday morning reminded us of how Sardar envisioned Unity through his quote

‘Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power

Most importantly, It’s always our privilege to listen to our respected principal’s insightful words which are very inspiring and giving goosebumps over the deep thoughts about the kids.We always really look forward to her for her kind words.

Best regards



Vishal Bhandari

Father of Ridhaan Bhandari - IV B

Dear and Respected;

Principal, Teachers, Office bearers and Students (Primary Std3,4 & PS-A of AVM Juhu).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate each and every one of you for inviting us and making us part of this amazing experience that Balsatsang offers.

Not only does this program create an amazing memories for our children, it also takes us back to our childhood and refreshes the nostalgic events from our school days.

Many a times we wish our events were as better as what our children experience from your wonderful ideas…

This Balsatsang was with one of the most important topic that should be known, understood, and highly respected.

We know loads about our independence, freedom struggle. But the efforts and the meticulous working that was carried out by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was priceless.

Today’s India, which is beautifully diverse, complex and poles apart in ideologies was brought together by this great man and was so beautifully presented in the program.

Hats off to the temperament of the teachers to extract such creative performance from the tiny tots..

We wish you all the very best and hoping to experience such fantastic events in the near future.

Thank you once again and God bless.


Yogesh and Vrrinda Dalvi.

Parents to

Aditya Dalvi

Std 4-A.

Namaste !!

Dear Madam / Sir /Teachers,

Thank you.

As I write this letter I can’t help but look back at all the wonderful years that I have spent here. I look back with joy, gratitude and a longing for the years to repeat itself.

I remember my first day as a fourth standard student which began this amazing journey of becoming a part of the Arya Vidya Mandir Family…

The last six years have gone by so fast; it seems only yesterday when I first set my foot in the premises finding my way up to the class. What hit me then was that the teachers were so approachable that I never felt uncomfortable despite being a new student.

Throughout the years the school helped us explore various fields and opportunities. They gave such importance to all – rounded development that they would set new test papers and re-explain the entire concepts that we may have missed. I can’t even remember the number of times I have approached them with one doubt or another, and how they would take time from their short breaks to clarify it. Even during the boards despite the large number of doubts which we all had the teachers would patiently solve all of them. I remember giving a myriad of papers and regardless of when and how many, they would jot down my mistakes to ensure perfection. I would like to thank all the teachers for going the extra mile to help us by even solving doubts over the phone before exams and motivating us.

As I conclude this letter I am filled with nostalgia knowing that this may be the last time I write on the foolscap sheets we used to use for subject reviews, the last time that the top right corner of a page will have my name and roll number.
Finally I would like to say Namaste and a big thank you to all the teachers and the entire AVM family.

Yours faithfully,

Siddarth Aananth

X – A, Roll No. 19

The Principal
Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East

Respected Madam,

We have long been wishing to write this letter to let you know how much we appreciate everything that Beena teacher, Harini teacher & Sangeeta teacher have done for our daughter, Paramita, as a student of Prep I-A in academic year 2018-19. It is too easy to get tied up in the daily schedule and many engagements, but this is one thing we did not want to forget. So, here is our letter of gratitude, our note of Thank You.

We are glad that Paramita made progress in all aspects under guidance of Beena teacher: She learned to colour pictures, her writing speed and handwriting improved, her attention span widened, she learned to share, she learned to open up to other children and her social personality bloomed. Now she often proactively seeks introduction or introduces herself to new children.

One key progress that made us the happiest is how she overcame her hyper sensitivity – her fear of crowds, loud noises and activities like jumping, running etc. It’s a testament to teachers’ keen personal attention towards students that they noticed her fear in the dance activity at the Bal Satsang. It could easily be brushed off as just another childhood behaviour that she’d overgrow eventually. We too would let it pass were they not to call the meeting and let us know that it’d be in her best interest to consult an occupational therapist. They allayed our fears in the meeting and worked on Paramita personally to help her desensitize and gain better control of herself. The changes caused in her by Ms Beena teacher, Sangeeta teacher & Harini teacher’s efforts and encouragement had us all marvelled. She has as a result grown stronger, resilient and more ready for this world.

Nobody knows better than a parent how difficult it can be to handle a young one – Except perhaps for a teacher. One wants to let the children free, play to their heart’s content and not worry about a thing; but one also wants them to be disciplined, responsible and well-behaved. It is a tough balancing act in which one always runs the risk of swinging too far to the either extreme, causing children to be too reckless or too feeble. A parent can only hope that the teachers their daughter is entrusted with understand this. And the teachers at the AVM indeed treaded that fine line perfectly. They managed to juggle between being amiable and being disciplined, all the while being very attentive. To us, as parents, it was more than just relieving; it was inspiring.

Thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Sangeeta, for all the creative and practical advices that helped us be better parents. The exercises with clay and atta helped Paramita gain a stronger grip and thus a better writing. You suggested to let her sit on the kitchen counter while I cooked – The clatter, clang and sizzle of the kitchen helped lower her fear of noise and this also gave us some fun, memorable mother-daughter bonding time.

Thank you, Ms. Beena, for being one of the few people besides her parents who Paramita trusts (while playing) on the slides. For being such a positive influence on her life that she still speaks of you with adoration. For being patient with the little girl who liked to watch other children play outside and cajoling her attention back to the class. Your efforts manifest in every alphabet she writes and every picture she colours.

Thank you, Ms. Harini, for assiduously working on Paramita so she faced her fears and overcame them. For checking in on her often to see if she is comfortable and doing well in the class. For reminding us that being over-protective does a child more harm than good – that sometimes it’s better to let the child be, to let her climb stairs on their own, jump on the sofa and sometimes even fall off. I still remember the elation I felt when I saw her jumping on a sofa joyously, without any hint of fear.

As she journeys on to be the best person she can be, Paramita is sure to look back at the teachers at the AVM with gratitude and fondness for everything that you’ve done to help her along the way.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Pramod Nikalje and Mrs Amita Nikalje


The Principal,
Arya Vidya Mandir School,
Bandra (West)

Dear Madam,
Viraat’s first year at AVM was quite an uphill journey for him and both of us. As he completes the second year, we fondly look back on his time in Twinkle teacher’s class.

As parents, we could not have asked for his needs to be taken care of any better. Twinkle teacher’s patient demeanour, constant encouragement and tireless efforts EVERY SINGLE DAY, makes us believe that God surely looks after all his children.

Today thanks to her able guidance and warmth, Viraat has bloomed in a way that was, at a point, difficult for us to imagine. She engaged him constantly and he always came home happy.

We express our sincerest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to twinkle teacher for having cared for him in a way that only she could. He was privileged to have been in her class and we are blessed that she was his teacher this year.

Anuradha and Sumit Pachisia.

Arya Vidya Mandir
Bandra – West

Dear Maam,
I Sheeta Jhaveri mother of Naisha Jhaveri and Aanya Jhaveri would like to inform you that I am one of the lucky mothers to have Dipali Teacher as the class teacher for both my daughters in Prep II. She is enthusiastic, caring, loving, and strict but in a nice caring way that kids even love her strictness. There are so many adjectives which can be attached to her that the list can go on. My elder daughter Naisha Jhaveri who is in Std. II till date goes everyday to meet Dipali teacher. This is the impact she has on her students. My younger daughter Aanya Jhaveri who is studying in Prep II A, for her a promise given to Dipali teacher means it cannot be broken. I really appreciate her DEDICATION towards her kids which can be said is on a different level.

Here is something for Dipali teacher from both my kids- “ To the world you may just be a teacher but to my girls you are a HERO”.

Thank you for everything from bottom of our hearts.

Yours truly,

Sheetal Jhaveri

(Mother of Naisha and Aanya Jhaveri)

Ms. Shobha Iyer
V.C.W AVM Bandra East

Dear Madam,
My child is a student of 9th std in your school. We are writing this email
to express our gratitude towards you and the AVM group for being so
considerate about the students. Thank you for keeping a simple syllabus
for the second term exams. This has reduced so much burden and stress and
has given the students a breather before they start preparing for the
board exams.

We would also want to thank you for reducing the school hours for 9th and
10th std. This to my mind was a huge step and will do a world of good to
the students.

These are couple of instances. But we as parents have always appreciated
this approach of the school management. The school has never been obsessed
with putting undue pressure on the kids and have always stressed on a
balanced development. This approach has not affected the final marks which
the kids get in their 10th exam as the kids have always been delivering
excellent results.

The school has also implemented a number of initiatives based on the
feedback of parents like the school app and the one day outstation trips
being organised by the school for senior classes. Most schools tend to
send kids to exotic locales which defeats the purpose of excursion.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your and the teams
efforts and wish you the best for continuing the good work.

Thanks and Regards

Sanjay and Baishakhi Mitra

A big heartfell “thank you” to Nihar’s favorite teacher. This year has been amazing for him under your love and care. He has grown and blossomed beautifully with your guidance.

Whether it was learning, playing celebrating or having fun. Your support has been the best. You truly have been his “hero” at school and he adores you.

Can’t thank you enough for everything.


Poonam Mehta

Nihar Mehta Prep IC

Dear Ashwini Teacher,

This is a thank you note for the wonderful Prep II year that you have given to all the kids of your class. I can say that as Savir has grown up a lot in terms of intellect and vocabulary this year. I have already thanked you for the way you have introduced phonics to him and the entire class. I am so glad I didn’t have to put any extra efforts for the same. He now has an immense interest in learning new spellings.

I have been extremely happy with the reader which was introduced to them which has helped them to read and learn so many words and so much grammar.

The monthly books introducing different concepts have been good too. But he has been talking countries and Solar system with such ease; it is good to know how much they can learn at this age.

The highlight of this year has definitely been their one-day trip to Sky-Chef, learning about how to wash veggies and fruits and the giant refrigerator. On how to pack food for the flights and the goody box was the cherry on top.
The sports day and Balsatsung like all years had been excellent and well managed this year too. The yearend role play activities and the last paint day activity was the most talked about in our house describing how they collected coupons and stamps and sat in rockets and went to a hospital to cure a teddy bear. These activities really leave a good impression on the kids and are the best way to utilize their yearend days with memories. The graduation day for all our kids was one of the best parting day for them with hats and coats and thank you for the cute little handwritten card-we have heard him read the card a thousand times to everyone who came home and shying away at the words” love Ashwini Teacher”.

The year has been wonderful and fulfilling in terms of knowledge learnt and activities done.

Thanks and Regards,

Manali Shah (Savir Shah Prep II B)

Dear Madam,

We would like to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude towards the School Management, teachers and Yourself for constantly supporting, motivating  and encouraging our daughter Prisha Kesarwani (Std 2A ) throughout the year to excel all round whether be it academics, extra-curricular or inter/intraschool sports.

We would like to make a special mention of encouragement and cooperation received by Prisha, from You, Ms Sunita Arurkar (Class Teacher 2A) and sports teacher Mr. Desmond Dsouza by constantly supporting and motivating her to excel in extracurricular and sports events especially in Chess, Judo and Athletics.

Wishing you the Best for your post retirement Life. Your able guidance and motivational skills will surely be missed.

Three Cheers to You and Your Team !!!

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Prachi and Vivek Kesarwani

(Prisha’s parents -2A)

Respected Principal ma’am,

My dear son, Meherzen Mehta has successfully completed his pre-primary this year from Prep 2 B.

I have no words to express my gratitude for all the love, care, kindness, knowledge, support and help showered on my Meherzen by your team of pre-primary teachers.

Meherzen was just 2.3 years old when he joined AVM, Juhu and we were soo nervous as he hardly spoke and was an introvert child. But  AVM helped him express his views, think out of box, imagine, talk and be a smart boy that he is today.

He has excelled in studies, talking, making friends, be kind, polite, loving, sharing, understanding and on the most he is very sensitive and caring towards others. Thank you to all the teachers he has been with
PS teachers Rushali ma’am, Sunita ma’am
Prep 1 teacher Usha ma’am and
Prep 2 teacher Puja Chibber ma’am.
I just can’t thank enough to these beautiful ladies. They have been always their for him and with him. Thank you!

My special thanks to Bhumika Pillai ma’am for always taking care of everything, she just knows every minute details of all the children of whole pre primary section, it’s awesome. She is a true leader. Hats off to her view, creativity, leadership qualities and knowledge. She is always on her toes. Thank you Bhumika ma’am.

Alka ma’am, thank you for everything. You have been the pillar of our school. The school has progressed in a very beautiful manner in your tenure. The success is just Immeasurable. You are a boon to the school. We’ll miss you alot as your tenure comes to an end. But you’ll always stay in our heart as you are the first Principal of our dear child and you have given soo much happiness to our children. Thank you for everything. Wishing you all the best. 

Love and regards,

Mrs. Rashmi Mehta

Dear Principal ma’am,

I would first like to thank all for grooming my son to become a responsible boy. His journey from Nursery to Sr. kg (Pre -primary). Will miss pre primary teachers.

Heartiest congratulations! for the amazing Balsatsang..I would like to appreciate the effort put by Shilpi ma’am behind all the kids.
“Gratitude” – beautiful subject selected by Bhumika ma’am..hats off to the entire team of AVM Juhu..Due to the subject my son Mansh Dwivedi- Prep 2 “C” is started respecting the people around us like the maid who comes to clean our house, the car cleaner etc..
e.g.:- just after the Balsatsang our car cleaner had not come so someone from the family scolded him n Mansh comes n says don’t scold him he is working so hard to earn his money…n we all were shocked..This is all because of values given by AVM n special thanks to Shilpi ma’am.  

I would like to thand Shilpi ma’am for guiding Mansh n me for all his drawbacks n helped me how to work out things with mansh, due to her guidance we have seen a drastic change in Mansh verbal n writting..Shilpi ma’am is known mansh from the playschool n always takvem care of him as a mother n taught him as a teacher. Thank you so much for all the things n looking forward for future gudiance.


Pooja Dwivedi

(Mother of Mansh Dwivedi of Prep II C)

Dear Teachers,

Please read the thoughts penned down by one of our outgoing std. X student !  Thanks for making school life memorable for her !

Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Arya Vidya Mandir Juhu. This place has not only helped me grow as an individual, by teaching me academics and subjects, but has also embedded in me my values, which I shall possibly never forget. It has been thirteen years today, when I first entered this school, holding on to my mother’s fingers tightly. I was scared. Not of the fact that I shall get lost in this new world, but mainly of the fact that my mother shall not be there to protect me, hold me when i was about to fall or correct me if i was to make a mistake. But soon it was to change.Each one of us are different in his/her own way. I was a baby who later loved going to school and hated coming back home. I know that’s strange!!!

School has always been a happy’place for me, where I could play all day long, cry when I felt uncomfortable only because my teacher could lift me up in her arms, fight n giggle with friends and my list can go on.

The teaching faculty, didis, bhaiyas and the management of AVM has always been very supportive. They have always tried their best to make us feel comfortable and cheerful. From basic etiquettes like greeting the teachers, thanking the didis and bhaiyas , helping our peers has been taught to us since our playgroup. Earlier I would crib for the fact that we were asked to chant the Gayatri Mantra everyday in the morning, asked to perform Havan every Monday and say our prayers before our meals. But the same, today when I am about to step out in the big world, I understand the true essence of these practices. The world outside is surely not pure and helpful but we have learnt to adjust according to our surroundings. I shall never forget the Friday rush in the canteen as that was our cheat day, pleading our teachers for a free period, the lab experiments have been fascinating and our computer classes would silently n secretly become our play games sessions instead of completing our assignments. The little fights, the expressions, the laughs, the gossip and mainly the affection that friends have shared shall be cherished by me forever. The solo singing, plays, the elocution competitions and debates has given me enough opportunities to stage my talent and overcome my shyness . I can never thank my school enough for all this. I would love to express my sincere gratitude to all those people who have helped me pass through this phase of life. I feel emotional, overwhelmed as well as happy at this moment as we all are about to enter a new phase of our lives. I wish each one of my classmates all the very best and hope they achieve all their goals. I hope destiny shall make us meet once again. Till then……

Advika Borkar

( Student - X-B )

As a parent it was amazing to see my child up there with her friends looking so pretty as flowers and happily dancing away at the music, .well guided by the teachers and supported all the way by the volunteers.

Apart from encouraging them to come and perform in front of people, this Balsatsang conveyed an excellent message to the kids and to us as well, something the kids need to learn in this age of abundance.

Fortunately for me.. I had three kids of the family in the programme..two performing and one volunteering. And the message to show gratitude and appreciate what we have has been repeated over and over at my home..thanks to the wonderful medium the school used to convey the same.

Most schools have fancy annual days..our school displays the integrated efforts and the synchronization.. of all involved..a sense of belongingness one doesn’t feel if it is left to professionals.

A big thank you to Bharti Teacher and Zarna Teacher for helping my bud bloom into a flower.

A grateful parent

Vandana Mehta Kumawat

( parent of Amber Kumawat - PS B )

When you’re heart is filled with so much gratitude and you want to express it all, it is very hard to keep it short and crisp. Nonetheless, we have tried our best to summarise what we felt today through this note of gratitude. 

A note of gratitude from us – parents of Swara Subramaniam, student of Prep 2 C, AVM Juhu. 

We are a couple in which one of us is a civilian and the other a retired colonel’s son. We wish for our children to know both the ways of life – each having lessons of its own to teach and learn from. 

Today when our daughter along with her classmates honoured the armed forces they showed us they understand and respect both the ways of life. And for this we are eternally grateful to AVM. 

Gratitude they say is the healthiest human emotion to express . The more you express gratitude, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. 

How blessed are our children to be taught this lesson of life, for life at AVM so early on. 

And today they taught the Marwah hall full of adults lessons in gratitude. That is why every adult was standing on their feet and applauding them. 

They filled our hearts with so much gratitude and joy that our eyes could not hold back the tears of happiness. 

This most certainly would not have been possible without the efforts of every teacher, didi, bhaya, volunteer (parent volunteers and student volunteers) of the pre primary section and last but not the least the young participants themselves. 

Teaching is a very noble profession as it shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual. Our children are blessed to be under the daily watch of every individual who is part of the pre primary section at AVM lead by our respected principal Mrs Alka Aggarwal and Mrs Bhumika Pillai- who have the constant blessing and guidance  of the AVM management. 

To our class teacher , Mrs Puja all we can say is a teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrows dream. 

Puja Ma’am has done this the past entire year she has been with our children with a warmth and smile that the children and we will miss as they move away from the pre – primary section. 

Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress ,
Working together is success … and that is the team work that has been displayed at every successful event held by the pre Primary department at AVM. 

Team work makes the dream work and Kudos to every individual involved in making the Bal Satsang the grand success it was today. 

Utmost gratitude forever and always, 

Suraksha and Vijay Subramaniam

( Parent of Swara Subramaniam from Prep II B )


The Principal

AVM Bandra West

Subj: Gratitude

Respected Mrs. Kumar,

Namaste ! I write these few lines to offer my gratitude to you and your skilled to you and your skilled team of teaches for all the care, support and love offered to my child.

Kiefer joined AVM last year. This movement from his previous school, locality was to sudden death of his father. He was very close to his dad and the loss had impacted him transforming him immensely. Both of were going through different stages of grief. To address it we went through professional grief counselling.

When I took Kiefer’s admission in AVM, I was told that I was taking him to one of the best institutions in Mumbai. Today when I have completed 1 year 6 months of association with the school, I can proudly say my decision of moving him to AVM was one of the best for him.

Starting with the way he was welcome by his III B class teacher Karisma miss and subject head Claudette teacher. How to deal with weak moments and overcome his self limited belief was taught by the Resource Room teacher – Vasihnavi Miss. When Claudette Miss eft, I was nervous, however, in no time Ranjita Miss took her place. What s unique in all the names witten above is, they understand Child psychology and accept children as they are. They leverage the children strength and work on the areas of opportunity. Moreover children’s overall development is looked upon rather than any particular area.

Today when I look back I feel the school, teachers had mad tremendous impact on Kiefer’s development. He is confident, speaks his mind out and loves and acknowledge what AVM has given him. I am on of the greatest promoter AVM can have. You treat all children as your own by inculcating the right values. This school is not commercial as others, its more of human which we seldom experience/see in today’s world.

I would like to close by stating “ A very Big THANK YOU” to you for holding the valued behaviors and staff together. The way you deal with sensitive issues is worth mentioning. Do let me know if I can be of any help to the school.

AVM Bandra and its staff “rocks”

Thank you


Pramila Noronha

( Mother of Kiefer Noronha Class IV B AVM Bandra West )

Dear Principal,

I’m Rashmi Mehta, mother of Meherzen Mehta from prep 2 B (2018-19).

I had this greatest opportunity to go along with our prep 2 children and teacher on their fun-filled and educational trip to Nehru Science Centre as a parent volunteer on 4th January, 2019 and I have no words to express my gratitude to your team of teachers from Prep2.

Our class teacher Puja Chibber ma’am is extremely knowledgeable; I got to learn many things from her on the trip. The way she explained children everything during the trip with zest and happiness is simply commendable. I have never seen a teacher with such an amazing patient level and love for children. We are very blessed that Meherzen is her student. The way she had come all prepared for the trip with the big bag filled with all the utilities for children was very thoughtful and kind of her. A big thank you to our dearest Puja teacher.

Bhumika ma’am was loving towards children, taking care of everyone and everything. I was so amazed when she helped a little girl in bus with her vomit and she helped her get clean, I have no words. The amount of love and care that was poured on our children by teacher’s is impeccable. We as parents really can’t ask for more. 

The trip was enjoyed to the core by children. Everyone were extremely thrilled by the show and knowledge imparted. Meherzen just couldn’t stop talking about the solar system, global warming, cave man, dinosaur, aircraft, wheels, funny mirrors, aquarium and vegetables to his father when we returned home. It was a real fun trip. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Principal Ma’am for having such great team of ladies on the board. AVM Juhu surely rocks with because of you and great team of loving teacher’s.

Thank you for everything.

Mrs. Rashmi Mehta

Mother of Meherzen Mehta ( prep 2 B)

Respected Madam,

When Kiwa lost her grandfather and grandmother within a month time, we were really worried about how she would cope. You have been so kind and sympathetic with her, we really hold you in high reward for the way in which you have look after her at school during her trying times.

We thank you and all teachers for creating a warm classroom atmosphere.

Childhood memories are the fondest once. They  gave you soul, they mold you being. Their force has an impact greater than other memories.

One such memory that Kiwa will remember in the long years is when the principal of the school sat with her in the canteen to comfort her. Little ones hold their teachers in high rewards.

Good memories make good people.

Kiwa tells me how open you are to hearing any problem your children might have and how generous you are with your time.

The school, principal  and teachers have shown support and fondness, this has increased her confidence. Kiwa misses her grandparents very much , but is able to speak about her happy memories of them in a brave and grown up way.

Many thanks to all the teachers. They are an absolute credit to your institution.

You are truly doing God’s work.

With heartfelt thank and warm wishes.

Mrs. Bindu Gajendra


The Principal

Mrs. Alka Agarwal

Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Bajaj Ayra Vidya Mandir,

Juhu, Mumbai

Respected Madam,

My son Mst. Revaant Joshi is studying in Prep. 2 A in your esteem school. I would like to thank you and the teachers of Pre-Primary section for all the wonderful celebrations conducted in school, be it festivals like Ganapati or Diwali and special days like Children’s Day. The teachers have put in so much thought and effort in each celebration to make a memorable experience for the children.

During the Ganapati festival the teachers had prepared a special act and dance performance to make our children understand the important message of having eco-friendly Ganapati idols. These values and thoughts given to children at an early age by their teachers help them to be responsible citizens of the future. I would also like to mention that children thoroughly enjoyed the games, magic show and other activities held during the Children’s Day celebration in school and had lots of fun. I had volunteered for the children’s day event and saw all the happiness around.

Once again I would like to thank you, Bhumika teacher, Bageshree teacher and all the Pre-Primary teachers for their efforts to give our children such wonderful experiences and on their continual efforts to keep children happy in the school.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Jaee Joshi

(M/O Revaant Joshi Prep 2 A)

Respected Principal ma’am,

I was privileged to attend parenting session held on 23rd October, 2018 having topic conventional parenting versus contemporary parenting.

I was amazed to see teacher’s involvement in searching all those small video clips about parenting from various movies, epic daily soaps and role plays conducted by them. All the teachers are always so full of life, energy, are creative and helpful.

We as parents are doing our bit and no one is perfect and these sessions just adds a little magic to our parenting with all the little guidance and suggestions provided by you all.

I had once read that handling children is way easier as they are empty cup and open for new ideas but handling parents is tricky but your team surely knows how to handle big children (parents).

Resource room teachers are very sweet. I have seen Sakshi ma’am handling children with such love and kindness and answering to queries.

Best part of every parenting session is you our Dear Principal Mrs. Alka Agrawal. You have these small cute and amazing solutions to all the queries of all parents. The tips you give are just “wow”. Anyone and everyone can relate with all the simple solutions you have. We are in best hands as our Principal is the best. You are always so down to earth, cordial and smiling.

Thank you to you, our subject head Bhumika Pillai ma’am, our class teacher Puja Chibber ma’am, all the teacher’s and entire team AVM.

Thank you for everything.

Mrs Rashmi Mehta & Mr. Jezil Mehta

(Parents of Meherzen Mehta prep 2 B)

Exuberant AVM Juhu Balsatsang show held on 12 August 2018!!!!

Dear Madam

We as parents, of our dear daughter studying in Std III C of AVM Juhu, will like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the entire AVM Juhu team led by the principal and her able team of enthusiastic and energetic teachers. I must acknowledge that AVM has a fantastic concept of presenting the Bal Satsang year on year (being witnessed by us now for the 6th year). It is just so innovative and colourful and insightful.

The story of Kabuliwala, written by Rabindranath Tagore, was a wonderful theme selected for the Primary Bal satsang (Class 3 and 4). For one, this clearly highlighted to the young children the creative story-telling art by Guru Rabindranath and also of course the main theme of quality of selfless love to be imbibed by each one of us.

The efforts taken by each teacher (Namrata Miss, Preeti Miss, Vijeyta Miss, Afrin Miss, Priyanka Miss, Sharmila Miss, Music teacher, Yoga teacher under the able guidance of Alka Maam and Shefali Maam) to direct, train, guide and motivate each child to put their best on the esteemed AVM Juhu has been tremendous. And of course, the able team of Bhumika Miss and her pre-primary teachers to give such a wonderful debut to the little PS A tiny tots!

Hats off to each one of you!!!!

The concept of giving each and every child the opportunity to be on stage on this day helps each child to grow within each of them the qualities of participation, capability and confidence.

Smallest of details were taken care of and paid heed to, to compliment the excellent display by the children (set backdrops, background music, costume colours and patterns) which gave the overall programme a professional look.

It was unfortunate that the mike systems gave away on the d-day – even though the positive to highlight was the use of the portable mike systems – it was really a good idea to use the same as the characters could perform their act in a continuous flow instead of the previous year shows where they had to keep going ahead to the stationery mike. Further, even when the mike systems gave away, kudos to all the performers who continued their act with so much of ease and confidence and were not perturbed at all – it clearly shows the direction provided by all the teachers to instill the dedication and faith they had in each of their students.

All the student volunteers were also just so enthusiastic in running around in setting up the stage props, handing over the mikes, guiding the performers – surely a special thanks to these set of sincere kids!!

We are proud to be part of the AVM Juhu family and very happy that our dear daughter is being guided in the right environment with the right values!!!

Cheers to AVM Juhu!!!

Yours faithfully

Lakshmi Menon & Biju Nair

Parents of Samira Nair, Std III C

Balsatsang on 12th August 2018″ Kabuliwala”

It was indeed a pleasure watch our kids perform so well on stage.All the kids were fabulous.

This is due to the efforts taken by AVM teachers in ensuring that each and every kid comes on stage beginning from playschool.This has made our kids so confident on stage and it reflects in their performance.

Thanks a lot to all the teachers .

Thanks to the management for the live YouTube link..our loved ones in India and Abroad could see the programs live.

Seema Talwar

(Mother of Daksh Talwar-4C)

Appreciation for std 1A Balsatsang

Hello Madam,

I am Mrs Piya Punjabi. My daughter Nysha Punjabi is from STD 1A. Mrs Nita Choudhari is her class teacher. I would like to thank Nita teacher for all her efforts and guidance to prepare our children for Balsatsang. The kids performed so well, we as parents feel very proud of them. The topic selected this year was fantastic and brought so much awareness. The excitement of the children to perform and do well shows all the efforts the teacher has put in teaching them.

Thank you once again.

Best regards

Piya Punjabi

(Mother of Nysha Punjabi is from STD 1A)

Bal Satsang – 7 Oct 2018

Respected Teachers and Staff of AVM Juhu.

At the outset, we would like to congratulate you on the fabulous event organised today. Your efforts and hard work speaks through the children that won hearts of each one. The vision of AVM that has been inculcated by your team in the children will surely draw their character and make them better human beings. The theme chosen truly represents the essence of continuity of life.

Once again, thanking you whole heartedly, for being the wonderful guiding force for the children and we feel proud that our children are part of such great prodigy.

Wishing AVM greater heights.


Hetal & Akhil Mittal

Parents of Livaan Mittal 2-A

“Once upon a time at Bal Satsang”

Lived the hard life…

Became the stereotype …

My kids are growing up in this hype…

And when they are almost beginning to ripe…

That morning were over balsatsang, my concept on parenting was wiped…

They (the kids) taught me not to imitate…

They taught me not to frustrate…

They taught me outdoors are their best fate…

Their best comes out, in free play, in free state…

They told me to change before it’s too late…

And here I am sitting, in stalemate… 🙁

I know it’s going to be hard to change…

I know, I am going to come across as being strange…

But balsatsang has got me in my head all rearranged…

Once upon a time, when yet in the balsatsang’s range,

The right parenting for my FAKE, I exchange. 🙂

A very sincere Thank You to Arya Vidya Mandir and Family.

Rajeev Ram Mansukhani

In the care of Sakshi, Heeraynk (III -C) and Jhalak (prep I-B)

Dear Mam,

I, Vianca Varma, would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the school for supporting and encouraging me through the World Skating Championship at Arnhem, Netherlands.

Representing India at the Inline Freestyle Roller Skating Championship was an experience to cherish for a lifetime.  To carry the Indian flag with all pride and prestige in the opening ceremony completely renewed the energy and gusto within me.  It was an incredible learning experience to interact with judges and about numerous skating techniques and tricks and it also helped develop bonds between us bringing out our interpersonal skills.  There was great confidence building just before my run and the zeal that filled within us to hear he marks of any of the members of the Indian team made us realize that irrespective of the marks or position we receive as a team, it was essential to put up a memorable and energetic performance to leave a positive mark and keep the Indian flag flying high which was well achieved.

Without the collective support of the school and respected teachers, this would have been nearly impossible.  I thank you once again.

Yours sincerely,

Vianca Varma


Dear Mrs. Kumar,

Greetings for the day!

I, Sandhya Varma, would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you, school and the management for supporting and encouraging Vianca Varma through the competition.

Vianca Varma recently represented India at the World Inline Freestyle Skating Championship held at Arnhem – Netherlands, 5th -8th July 2018. It was an honour to hold our tricolour and represent the country at this platform. She was one of the nine member Indian contingent comprising of the best across the country. Vianca competed in the Classic Slalom event with utmost grace performing intricate tricks with absolute ease, perfect rhythm in sync with music. She was appreciated for her artistic prowess and the finesse in her presentation.

It was an incredible exposure interacting with the judges, coaches and the best skaters from around the world and learning from each other’s experience. Some pictures from the event have been attached here after.

She earlier represented Maharashtra at the National Roller Skating Championship in January and came 2nd in India.

I would once again like to thank you and the management, for all this wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

Warm Regards,

Sandhya Varma

Dear Mrs. Jyoti Kumar,

A heartfelt thank you for this fabulous opportunity given to Jai to participate in the ISDS programme. These platforms are super learning forums that give immense exposure to the child and definitely go a long way. Exposure to a larger talent pool and competition and real world subjects where students experience a simulated environment has helped Jai understand his strengths and improvement areas. He has absorbed the importance of thinking on his feet with limited preparation time. He is lucky to have the opportunity to be able to do what he is doing and also all he has been doing in the past. Thank you once again.

Mrs. Preeti Mirchandani

14th July, 2018

Feedback on “Tell me More”

 Dear Principal  & Teachers,

                    I would like to applaud the “Tell Me More” initiative take by the school. It’s heartening to see the school take such a keen and active interest in each and every child and attempt to provide suitable opportunities and platforms for them to further develop their potential. 

           I especially appreciate the time my son’s class teacher, Ms. Priyanka Sharma of 4B, spent with me to learn all about Arjun’s interests, hobbies and talents. It was an open, encouraging and best of all, unhurried discussion in which she continuously prompted me to share as much and more about Arjun’s varied interests and talents. 

           I found this session extremely beneficial because, as we know, all children do not have the same ability to be bold and outspoken about their thoughts, likes and interests and thus, many may remain unnoticed. I am thankful to the school for this opportunity to participate in my child’s overall development and I now look forward to seeing the positive impact and outcome from this initiative for my child as well as for all the children in school.  


Smriti Jani

Mother of Arjun Jani - 4B. AVM School, Juhu

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives”. …and that’s what our pre-primary teachers endeavour to do with our children on an on-going basis.

In this mail I want to appreciate all the hard work teachers our putting in to create a conducive and enriching environment for our Little ones to learn and explore.

My daughter was thrilled, excited and awed with the recent Activity – Engaging Minds – Sensory Integration which was held in the school. She explained me in the minute detail on what all she did from making shapes in shaving foam and maida , to recognising taste and smell of different things, playing with balls in the pool, to experiencing how different surfaces and substances feel when touched and lot more this is what we call learning.

I appreciate all the effort all the pre-primary teachers are taking in the leadership of Bhumika miss.

This is creativity at its best.

Would also like thank my daughter’s class teacher for making each day memorable and fun.

Aparna Mehta

(Mother of Samya Mehta - PP II -A)

Respected Madam,

We want to express our genuine tanks for your guidance and support to the children to make this year’s ‘Balsatsang’ event, memorable and enjoyable like every year. We all greatly enjoyed the song/dance performance of “Jai Ho”. The theme was outstanding and coordination among children on the stage was appreciable, starting from costume to props used in the very dance were up to the mark. And, special thanks to make the arrangements in a very short span.

Your hard work and dedication was visible on stage which we all, especially the grandparents, enjoyed and appreciated a lot.

Thank You all the teachers out there.

With sincerest appreciation.

Madhusnata Das and Debashish Mohanty

Parents of Sai Sampada, Class 4 A, Class 3 & 4 Balsatsang

June 21, 2016

Shefali Miss,
Primary Coordinator,
Smt. R.S.B. Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu,

Dear Madam,

I would like to congratulate you and all the teachers involved in the making the Balsatsang such a huge success. The efforts gone in to put up such a good show was very evident from the performance put up by the children. Gandhiji’s values were brought to light in a simple and fun way that cut across all age groups.

I’m sure there must have been some trying times for the teachers in getting the children ready for the D-day but the final performance that came up on the stage was amazing. The confidence with which the children were performing showed the hard work that the teachers had put into it.

I’m glad to send my daughter to a school, that takes efforts to identify the potential of the children and work towards making it better.

I would like to thank all the teachers especially Namrata Miss(Class teacher-4 B) for taking the efforts to groom our children for the wonderful morning we had.

Thank You.

With Warm Regards,

Devika Chadha

Parent of Janya Chadha, Class 4 B, D Day - The Bal Satsang @ RCBAVM

Dear Kinjal Ma’am,

The dance performance of the children was excellent. It was a pleasure to watch them. We enjoyed a lot. Thank You for putting up such a wonderful show. Also their dresses were looking very nice.


Shalini Manchanda

Parent of Suhani Manchanda, class 4 B, Bal Satsang Dance RCBAVM

29th January 2016
The Principal,
Arya Vidya Mandir
St. Cyril Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai – 400050

Dear Madam,
Subject: Achievements of my son – courtesy: this glorious school
I take pride in conveying to you the achievements of my son, Dr.Gaurav Poplai, who is an alumnus of your esteemed educational institution. Dr. Gaurav Poplai was student of Arya Vidya Mandir and after passing his 10th grade in 2002 completed his junior college at the prestigious D.G. Ruparel College. He secured a state government sponsored seat in 2004 at Terna Dental College, Navi Mumbai. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery in 2009 he joined the M.A. Rangoonwala Dental College, Pune in 2010 to pursue his Masters in Dental Surgery in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics which he completed in the year 2013. While he was studying for his Masters in Pune, he also completed his Diploma in Laser Dentistry (Vienna, Austria).

After completing his post-graduation, he took up the responsibility of setting up Bandra’s premium super specialty dental clinic by the name of The Dental Arch which he is successfully running. Apart from running the clinic he is also a senior lecturer in Terna Dental College. He also has to his credit as many as 11 Papers published in National and International Journals.

It further gives me immense pride and pleasure now to inform you that he was recently awarded the prestigious and coveted Famdent Special Jury Award: “SPECIALIST DENTIST OF THE YEAR: ENDODONTIST” at the Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards 2015 held on the 19th of December last year. This was after having been nominated in three categories as follows:
1. Specialist Dentist of the Year
2. Outstanding Dentist of the Year: Below 45 Years
3. New Practice of the Year
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the staff and the Management of your institution for the superlative quality of education that was imparted to my son. His achievements and success resonate the school’s resolve to make a diamond out of an uncut stone.

Thanking You.
Yours Truly,

Madhu Poplai

Parent of Dr. Gaurav Poplai, Diamond from an Uncut Stone

To the Principal and all teachers of Arya Vidya Mandir,

As a parent, I have seen my child, her classmates and all her friends interacting and I must compliment that school on something I see in common in all students of AVM. There is confidence without the sense of entitlement that is becoming rampant in all large cities of the world. Humility, without being over powered, is the greatest of all graces I can hope will hold my child in good stead all her life. And I thank you for that.

Raunaq Roy

M/o Kyra Roy, Class 5A, AVMBW, The Importance of Being Modest

Dear AVM,

After leaving the hallowed halls of the most safe place on Earth for me, I went on to gruelling years of Med School, Internship, two masters programmes, an internship, residency and then unending hours of work before becoming the Clinical Director of a State of the Art infertility clinic. I have always been able to go back to the things I learnt in AVM that allowed me to make the best choices, often not the easiest choices, and know that if I do it right, I will feel better about it. My moral compass has never left me and it is the greatest tool I have today — as an Infertility Specialist, as a Doctor and as a Human Being.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Sulbha Arora

Batch of 1992, An Indelible Impact

Dear all,

It was absolutely mesmerising to see the show put up by you all on 14th August for the pre primary balsatsang. We have been associated with AVM Juhu for past 5 years or so as my older one is in grade 3 and it’s just amazing to see how you make sure that each child feels special on stage and each parent can go home gleaming. And how you make the older kids understand there responsibility and team work by act of volunteering .

I have known Miss Bhumika Pillai and her team of teacher for many years now and they bring this absolutely stunning show every time and it’s always better than the last time as we call it raising the bar. Bhuimika Miss’s leadership and nurturing qualities are superb and I have been lucky to have her as class teacher in both my kids foundation year in school and she has left a lasting impression on my older daughter and not to miss other teachers who have been so Good as part of the journey Miss Pooja Chibbad, Bharti Miss, Usha Miss and all others in pre primary. I would earnestly like to thank all of you and Principal Ma’am for her guidance to make this journey so memorable .

Thanking you,

Aparna Mehta

Mother of Avika Mehta 3B & Samya Mehta PS A, Pre Primary BalSatsang

The Principal,
Smt. R.S.B. AryaVidyaMandir, Juhu,
22 June, 2016

Dear Madam,

We take the opportunity to appreciate the Balsatsang presented by the students of Prep 1 and Std. 3 & 4 on 19/06/2016. The theme of the programme based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi helped in reinstating the moral values in children.

The whole event was very well performed by the small kids. We really appreciate the hard work and the effort put by the teachers and the volunteers in making the programme a big success among the audience and we look forward to more such events in the AVM family.

Your Sincerely,

Anushree Laddha

Parent of Atharva Laddha, Class 4 C, Bal Satsang Theme: Mahatma Gandhi

21st June, 2016

Mrs. AlkaAgrawal,
Smt. R.S.B. AryaVidyaMandir, Juhu

Sub: Class 3 & 4 Balsatsang held on June 19th, 2016

Dear Madam,

“Find the Gandhi within yourself, for he exists in all of us”- A wonderful message conveyed by the students of classes 3 & 4, who used song, dance, drama and a healthy dose of humour to tell the audience just how important it is to awaken the Gandhi within us, especially in these morally bankrupt times.

As a parent, it was a real pleasure to watch the children demonstrate the value of those 4 most significant Gandhian principles-truth, honesty, non-violence and tolerance, using incidents from Gandhiji’s life.

Both, the children and teachers must be congratulated for giving us such a relevant and timely message in such a lively and engaging manner. The grand finale had the whole audience on its feet!

Best Regards,

Nina Karra

Parent of VikramKarra, Class 3 B, Class 3 & 4 Balsatsang held on June 19th, 2016

Dear Kinjal Ma’am,
Sub: Feedback on Balsatsang Dance on “Jai Ho”

The dance was well coordinated and well performed. Kids enjoyed it and the audience too. The steps were easy and all the kids were able to do it. This was prepared in a very short span of time and your commitment is commendable.

Keep it up and many congratulations on the success of the Balsatsang.


Neha Bhandari

Parent of Avani Bhandari, class 4 A, Jai Ho! RCBAVM

The Principal,
Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West.
Dear Ma’am,
16th February, 2016

I am writing this to share with you how much I enjoyed this year’s Bal Satsang, ~ themed around the life of Bhagat Singh. Right from the beautifully designed invitation to the rousing grand finale, everything was planned with care, and executed with perfection. The play was extremely well-scripted, selecting relevant portions of Bhagat Singh’s life, interspersing powerful dialogue with lucid narration and songs that tugged at our emotions, and serving us a lesson in history and patriotism with an exhilarating blend of ~
education and entertainment. I cannot express how emotionally moved I was by the play and the performances. I especially appreciated the way in which the life of Bhagat Singh was placed in the context of the earlier freedom-fighters and current nation-builders, aptly reminding us that true patriotism is about having the dedication to do our best for our country at all times.

The little actors and dancers and narrators excelled in their roles, every single one of them. As you mentioned in your speech, it is reinarkable how Arya Vidya Mandir hones the talents and builds the confidence of its pupils by giving them the stage to shine upon. The ~ perfect synchronization of the performances revealed not only the talents of the students but the tremendous effort put in by the entire team of teachers, volunteers and non-teaching staff led by the inspiring and innovative Zahara Miss. I would like to thank each and everyone of them for the passion and hard work they put in, year after year, to come up with such mind-blowing productions.

I feel deeply privileged to be the parent of an Arya Vidya Mandir student. There are many, many reasons why I feel this, but to mention just one, it gave me a chance to experience a truly memorable performance.
Warmest regards,

Mr. Sarkar

Parent of Sohini Sarkar, Std. IV-C, Bal Satsang AVMBW

The Principal,
Arya Vidya Mandir, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai.
Re: Pre-Primary Sports Day and BaI Satsang
Dear Madam Principal,
This is just a letter of deep appreciation for the efforts, creative thought, intelligent design, co-operation and inclusiveness we have witnessed during the Sports Day and the Bal Satsang.
This is Eli Tahilramani’s first year at AVM and it was our first Sports Day. We had no idea what to expect. I’ve shared this with his class teacher, Deepali, but I was amazed and impressed by the way the teachers had thought through the excellent theme. From coming up with symbiotic relationships in the animal world, dcsigning the costumes, to the way they broke down each fact into little ‘stories’ that was a pleasure for the parents to watch and a fun, educational experience for the kids. I personally really loved the way the takeaway ‘Shared parenting is half the work and twice the fun’ was presented. Kudos!
And this entire process was repeated during the Bal Satsang! The fact that every single child was on stage is a remarkable achievement. The organizational skills itself were jaw dropping; fluid movement from one skit to the next, the kids did not look stressed out, the parents were very entertained.
I know schools have severe constraints with space and time and even frankly, managing the aspirations of the parents. This is just to say thank you. The hard work,loving, enthusiastic personalities and intelligence of your teachers is very, very appreciated and this sense of co-operation is also evident in the way the parents get together to organize costumes etc…
More power to all of you!
Very warm regards,

Genesia Tahilramani

Sports Day and Bal Satsang

To my school, my Alma Mater,

I am grown and have a boy of my own. Now, more than ever, I find myself thinking of my life in AVM. I look back at my childhood and I see just that — a childhood. In an age when most schools were a pressure cooker, I look back and think of festivals and board decorations and projects and sports day and some amount of studies and much merriment. I salute you for doing that while still being the school we were.
Warm Regards,

Chanda Bhagchandka

Batch of 1992, Still a Part of Me

June 21, 2016

The Class Teacher,
Std. 4 B,
Smt. R.S.B. AryaVidyaMandir, Juhu,

Sub:Balsatsang dated 19 June, 2016

Dear Namrata Miss,

I am writing to commend you and the school for a very well organized ‘Balsatsang’. I am sure, handling such a large number of students(of this age) must be challenging. But, they did a great job!

I was very impressed with the topic. ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ is someone who everyone knows but this knowledge stays buried within us. The topic, ‘Come find the Gandhi within you’ teamed with the very inspiring skits and well-choreographed dance sequences gave us much food for thought.

Our children are indeed fortunate to be a part of this and imbibe this ‘Gandhian’ personality.

As parents, we left the hall ready to find the Gandhi within us and thereby help to make this world a better place.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

Franchille Raj

Come Find the Gandhi Within You