Sadhguru says, “Only when your life is exuberant, will you keep crossing limits. Sport is an exuberant activity, so crossing limits becomes natural.”

We, at AVM BW, stretch our boundaries and live exuberant lives by aspiring to do better each time in the field of sports. We follow the acronym SPORTS where S- Social skills, P- Physical fitness, O- Obedience, R- Resourcefulness, T- Teamwork, S- Stress tolerance. Keeping this tradition alive, the students of Std 1 and Std 2 competed with their friends carrying the sentiment ‘Try your hardest, that’s all that matters’ which clearly echoed through their performances. The day was a good blend of fun and mass participation with events such as flat races, fun races, relay race, tug of war etc. A positive enthusiastic school spirit was created on this day.

Ms Sanaya Vakharia who holds the record of being the country’s fastest skater in the age group of 8-10 years was the chief guest for the day. She also felicitated our future champion Ms Shreya Mukherjee for her achievements in the game of Chess. The Chanakya House was adjudged the Best House in the March Past and also won trophies for the Relay and Tug of War events. The zealous parents, gathered in large numbers and constantly applauded the participants. This year sports day witnessed the entrancing performances, hard work and dedication put up by our students which made this event a successful and memorable one.