The V.C.W. Annual Primary Sports Day Meet was held on 12th December, 2018.  The theme this year was ‘Different Strides’ as our children showcased their athletic ability in various new ways.  The Chief Guest for the sports day was Ms. Vianca Varma, a young skating champion from A.V.M Bandra West. Our colleagues Ms. Saloni Shah from Bandra West, Ms. Pooja Shroff from A.V.M Juhu, sports teacher, Ms. Anisa D’Souza from Bandra West and sports master Mr. Surendra Yadav from Juhu were present. Everyone was welcomed with the colourful and energetic Punjabi dance performance. The Chief Guest declared the meet Open and released the balloons with the AVM banner into the air. The much awaited March Past was presented by Grade 4 students, followed by the Sport Oath taken by the games Captain. The special achievers started off with the torch run and were felicitated by the Chief Guest. The students highlighted different Yoga ‘asanas’ which are good for their spine and to calm their body and mind.

Once the races began, the air was filled with cheers and encouragement for the young athletes. A new format has been introduced this year, along with the ‘Flat Races’, to give our children exposure to competitive sport. This second event was a 2-way race where the children ran two lengths of the track.  The Common and Fun races took place grade wise, for Standard I and II, which added sparkle and merriment in the air. The newly introduced Inter House Tug-of-War for Standard III and IV, brought to the fore, a competitive spirit in the form of collective strength, co-ordination and teamwork. Everyone watched in awe and amazement as the young teams pulled with all their might right up to a nail-biting finish. The exhilarating and exciting Inter House Relay by the students of Standard III and IV added to the enjoyment.

The students put up a synchronized and mesmerizing Karate cum Gymnastics display, showcasing their newly learned skills. Book prizes were handed over to the class representatives for every child as a token of appreciation for their participation in the Sports Day.

Our young and spirited chief guest shared her experience and journey in the world of sport which inspired and motivated our young children. The trophy for the Best March Past was awarded to Chanakya House. The meet was declared closed, followed by Shanthi Path and National Anthem.

The Teachers-in-Charge of the event were Ms. Damanjit Kaur Sabherwal, the Primary Subject Head, Ms. Jyoti Mondhe and Mr. Sudhakar Gavahane.  The special guest, children and parents thoroughly enjoyed the invigorating and thrilling morning at our Sports Day.