Students of the Primary Section participated enthusiastically to win the Inter House Hindi Sulekh Competition on September 21, 2018. The winners were chosen on the basis of the letter formation, accuracy of spellings and the overall neatness of handwriting. On the whole, Patanjali House emerged the winner, while the class wise winners were:


1st Position – Annika Joshi

2nd Position – Natalya Anand

3rd Position – Aarna Mehta

3rd Position – Akaisha Singh


1st Position – Nivritti  Sinha

2nd Position – Krishita Varte

2nd Position – Shaurya  Yadav

3rd Position – Kyrah Parashar


1st Position –  Aadhya Misra

2nd Position – Niyara Mishra

2nd Position – Sanvi Patil

3rd Position – Sathvika Swami


1st Position – Arshia Rai

2nd Position -Zenia  Adajania

2nd Position – Aayush Poudwal

3rd Position – Abhimanyu Ware


1st Position – Krushnaa Samani

2nd Position – Annya Bhojanagarwala

3rd Position – Priyanshi  Shah

3rd Position – Arnav Samani


1st Position – Ahana Shetty

2nd Position – Aaryamaan Ware

2nd Position – Prisha Daga

3rd Position – Aarna Pandey


1st Position – Dhriti Arora

2nd Position -Namay Raju

2nd Position – Dev Buddhadev

3rd Position – Deeya Arora


1st Position – Rajveer Widge

2nd Position – Mihira Nadkarni

2nd Position – Krish Khedekar

3rd Position – Rhea Murudkar


1st Position – Manan Sachdev

2nd Position – Asmi Kalzunkar

3rd Position – Aarav Jain

3rd Position – Ridhaan Bhandari


1st position – AnwitaSengupta

2nd Position – Nainika Rajeev

2nd Position – Debeshwar Mukherjee

3rd Position – EeshaArun


1st Position – Zahra Merchant

2nd Position –Naysha Shrivastava

2nd Position – Snigdha Shukla

3rd Position -Abha Shah


1st Position – Manya Kapoor

2nd Position – Anushree Pathrikar

3rd Position – Rudra Mistry

3rd Position – Ananya Chavan


The House Wise Winners were :

1st Position –Patanjali House
2nd Position – Chanakya House
3rd Position – Dronacharya House