The students of Primary section of V.C.W. Arya Vidya Mandir participated in the Inter-House English Handwriting Competition on 12th March,2019. They were expected to write a passage in the given time and were instructed to present it neatly and avoid cancellation. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and were keen to give their best.

The overall winners of the inter-house competition are:




1st Position 2nd Position 3rd Position Consolidation
Std. I Anjali Singh- I A Dronacharya House Stuti Dikshit -I B Patanjali House Aarya SinghI C Dronacharya House  

1. Riddhima Gupta- I A Dronacharya House

2. Ridit Mittal- I A Chanakya House

Std. II Aditi Nigam- II B Vedvyas House Ranveer Kumar- II B Dronacharya House Raunav Bhasin- II A Vedyas House  

1. Naisha Chhalani-II C Vedvyas House

2. Sourish Wakankar-II A Chanakya House


Std. III

Anaicha Marwah- III B Patanjali House  

Vihaan Doshi- III C Patanjali House


Adhita Nag- III A Vedvyas House 1. Sana Patil- III C Chanakya House

2. Naissha Kolwalkar-III C Vedvyas House

Std. IV Krsna Naik- IV C Patanjali House  

Bhavya Doshi- IV A Dronacharya House


Rushil Gandhi- IV B Dronacharya House  

1Abhimanyu Gore- IV B Chanakya House

2. Erin Vergis- IV B Vedvyas House