The Global Scholars Programme is an educational programme which creates
opportunities for students to build important global and general learning competencies.
The posts and projects of international peers enable our students to learn about other
cities, the common global topics and the skills needed to solve a global problem. The
theme for 2018-19 was ‘Water Conservation’. As a part of the programme, we invited
schools across the globe to do a Skype call with us to help understand students on the
other side of the globe, their school life, the way they tackle global issues and various
other aspects.
On 4th April, 2019 Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra( West) had its first Skype session with
Gülgün Widdows who is an English teacher at a school in İstanbul. Our students were
excited to see their peers from Turkey. The Skype session had an agenda which
included questions pertaining to the hobbies of the children involved along with
questions on issues related to water. Some of the questions included information on
water related festivals, how do we conserve water and as a school what we have done
to save water in our premises. Ms Gulgun introduced her students and then made it an
interactive session with our students. The session saw bright minds employing their
questioning skills as well as waiting to hear from other students of their age who are
from a different country. It was an enriching and fruitful experience for the students as
well as the school.   The pictures present our happy children who have truly enjoyed this