World Environment Day is observed on 5 June each year all over the world. We, at VCW AVM took It is an opportunity to raise awareness in our Pre-Primary children and promote action on national environmental issues. A special assembly was conducted on this occasion wherein the Pre-Primary teachers talked about the environment and why it is important to take care of it. Children were shown a video and a power point presentation emphasizing on the threats and challenges faced by our Mother Earth and how we can help to take care of Earth. Children were made aware of importance of trees, planting more trees, saving water, saving electricity, reducing pollution and how to become Eco-friendly.

The play school children were taken  for a Nature walk and placed  some bowls of water for the thirsty birds  and   watered the plants with their little watering cans. The Prep-I children sowed seeds in a pot and learnt about the process and what are the factors that are important for the seeds to grow. It was a fruitful hands-on experience and lots of learning for the children.