What started off as a modest experiment 5 decades ago in 1970, AVM today is a leading ICSE school in Mumbai with 3 full-fledged schools – AVMBW,AVMBE, AVMJ besides the AVM Institute of Early Childcare Education and the Institute of Special Education. AVM’s educational philosophy was conceived along modern lines with the best in terms of holistic development, innovative methodology and scientific approach seamlessly balanced with a solid foundation steeped in Indian values, with love for our culture and heritage.

Arya Vidya Mandir was the brainchild of our First Honorary Secretary Shri. Jagdishchandra Malhotra, a true blue educationist along with our President of Arya Samaj, Sanatcruz, Shri. Mangaldas Verma, a born philanthropist, our founder-member Shri. Arjunbhai K Patel, our treasurer Shri. Inder Bal Malhotra, Shri. Bhisham Dev Nangia, Shri. Navinchandra Pal, Shri. Shamlal Talwar, Prof. Jagdishchandra Bahl our First Vice President and Shri. Vishwa Bandhu Singhal were the other signatories to the Memorandum of the Association.

After establishing a strong base of our first AVM school at the Santacruz campus in 1971, led by the able and gracious principal Ms Shobha Shirodkar, we laid the foundation of Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra West in 1983 followed by our third school at Juhu in memory of Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Bajaj in 1989 with the support of Shri. Sobhraj Bajaj and his family. The Arya Vidya Mandir Institute of Early Childhood Education was established in 1991 followed by the Institute of Special Education in 1997. The fourth school at Bandra Kurla Complex in memory of Shri. Vasudev C Wadhwa was established in 1999 with the support of Shri. Vijay Wadhwa. The schools in Bandra West and Santacruz West were later merged and the classes from Play School to Standard 2 classes are housed in the Santacruz campus while the larger Bandra West campus houses the older classes from Standard 3 to Standard 10.

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Shri. R.K. Kohli, Shri. R.K. Sehgal, Shri. N.N. Juneja, Shri. Naraindas Juneja, Dr M.K. Sabharwal, Shri. Arvind Malhotra and Col V. Malhotra contributed greatly to carry on and build the road laid by our founders.

The AVM family owes a great debt of gratitude to the Late Dr. (Mrs.) Vinita Pandit for her able leadership in setting up the Arya Vidya Mandir Institute of Special Education and to Dr. (Mrs). Priti Sachdev for helping establish the Arya Vidya Mandir Institute of Early Childcare Education. We are also indebted to Mr. Ravi Parthasarathy Chairman IL&FS Ltd for helping set up the AVM Institute of Special Education. Both these unique Institutes are meeting a very special need of not only Arya Vidya Mandir but also of the community at large.

AVM is constantly evolving and adapting with the ever changing pace of technology and invasion of Artificial Intelligence, constant in its endeavour to focus ahead and contribute to improving the growth index of our nation by raising and nurturing responsible talent. AVM believes that values will remain even if ideas change. AVM lives, leads and abides by its 10 profound Arya Samaj Niyams (or principles,inscribed in the school handbook) which strengthen the moral fibre and harmonise the mind, the body and the soul of every AVM child leading to a more holistic development besides the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

The illustrious and distinguished roll of honour of the Alumni continues to lead by example in various sections of society. The annals of AVM’s history is replete with overwhelming stories of tremendous growth from strength to strength with unquestionable support from its patrons, the AVM Management and the PTA.

The philosophy of the Arya Vidya Mandir Group of Institutions has been holistically encapsulated by our current Honorary General Secretary Shri. Ashok Malhotra in the last Annual Report of the Arya Vidya Mandir Society, “Our Founding Members had a great vision and pursued with determination the idea of imparting a value based education to the children of Arya Vidya Mandir Schools with conviction that it will be useful in their future life. We continue to provide our students an environment, which nurtures value based education with conviction and determination.

Over the last four decades The Arya Vidya Mandir Group of Institutions have developed into an excellent institution, providing quality education and a holistic, all round development of Children in its care. Our distinguished Alumni exemplifies these learnings through their successes in life as good human beings.”

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